[Vision2020] Fw: Rebranding Moscow: GET INVOLVED: IT'S YOUR TOWN!!!

Linda Pall lpall at moscow.com
Tue Jun 23 14:22:30 PDT 2015

Dear Visionaries,

I am absolutely sure there are many of you who would like to weigh in, seriously, about this effort.

I join with Nancy Chaney’s concerns about the potential for a sharp, dollar-dependent decision here that puts Moscow among the hundreds of towns who have gone the way of “Y’all come...” without careful thought and consideration. Chasing industry and economic development without appreciation of the community design and values most of us love about Moscow  and that makes it a place that the next generations will treasure is a serious misdirection of at least forty plus years that I am aware of directly.

Give this some consideration and get involved!

After all, this fall there will be an important CITY election when the Council will be  open to all once again. YOU have the choice of helping to shape Moscow’s future... DO IT!

All the best to each of you,

Linda Pall
Veteran of 18 years on the Moscow City Council and 43 years as a proud citizen of our great town

From: Nancy Chaney 
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 1:27 PM
To: 'Nancy Chaney' 
Subject: Rebranding Moscow


Please share the opportunity linked here http://www.ci.moscow.id.us/records/pages/press-release.aspx?num=1689 with others who are interested in defining/redefining Moscow's identity. The City, Chamber of Commerce, University of Idaho, and Spokane-based consulting firm BHW1 are working on a re-branding campaign, and are seeking public input. Moscow has long been known as "Heart of the Arts." Please let community leaders know what you think! Comments may be submitted online, via the press release, linked above. I thought you and possibly, Moscow friends and colleagues in your various organizations might also be interested. It’s not clear how soon a recommendation will be issued, or whether that could happen before classes resume in the fall semester. A news brief about this appeared in this morning’s Daily News. Please share this opportunity with others.


Thank you-

Nancy Chaney

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