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Rosemary Huskey donaldrose at cpcinternet.com
Wed Jun 10 18:08:05 PDT 2015

This afternoon I read a very well written and balanced article by Terri
Haber in the Daily News.  The article addressed a recent resolution by the
board members of the Moscow Food Co op endorsing adding the words "sexual
orientation" and "gender identity" to the Idaho Civil Rights Act.  It was
approved by a 4-2 vote.  The irony is that two of the three members
self-identified as members or in agreement with the Christ Church pastor,
Doug Wilson's position on inclusion of members of the LGBT community,
claimed they would have no problem representing the Co-op's rules and
philosophies because their personal beliefs are separate from their board
duties.  Actually, not so much.  This, my friends is exactly as we
predicted.  I sent a short note to the DN in response to their article.  A
friend reminded me that many folks don't have access to the Daily News and
asked if I would put my letter on V2020.  My position will surprise no one,
so spare yourself if you are so inclined.

Rose Huskey

The recent Moscow Food Co-op resolution to add the words "sexual
orientation" and gender identity" to the Idaho Civil Rights Act carried
because the majority of the Board supported the resolution. Had the
religious composition of Board been tipped in favor of conservative Christ
Church members the Co-op would be on record as a group who limited equal
rights to "approved" residents of Idaho. The obsessively negative attention
directed toward the GLBT community by the rabidly homophobe, Doug Wilson, is
obviously embraced by his flock. 

It is likely in the near future that there will be an unexpected rise in
Co-op membership which will bring changes in Board leadership. Unless a
similar recruitment effort is duplicated by non-Christ Church members in a
few years the Co-op will become a splendid little employment agency
primarily serving NSA and Logos students. When the Board reflects the deeply
held Christ Church philosophy of divinely originated gender roles, women in
leadership will vanish from the Co-op. Ask Tom Garfield, Superintendent of
Logos School, how many women have served in administrative/policy positions
at Logos over the past thirty-five years. The answer is none. Ask Logos
school board chairman, Doug Wilson how many women have served on the Logos
Board since its inception. The answer is one who served more than twenty
years ago. Ask Doug Wilson how many women have served in faculty or board
positions at New Saint Andrews over the past twenty years. The answer is one
briefly employed Latin instructor, who was the daughter of a church elder.
No women have served on the Board of NSA. 

Does gender bigotry fit the vision or mission of the Moscow Food Co op? Are
the enervated men who embrace these standards fit for any leadership roles?



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