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Courtesy of today's (June 3, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Peggy Jenkins.

Extreme intolerance
Bill Tozer (His View, June 1) is right, polite folks shouldn't call out their neighbors on the basis of religion. But that's not really what was involved in the discussion at last month's Co-op board meeting. What was and is at stake is a particular long-standing church position - extreme intolerance toward LGBTQ individuals. That position is really of concern to myself and many people in the community.
Like Bill, I have friends who attend Christ Church; I would be reluctant to confront them about the church's LGBTQ discrimination unless something brought that issue to the forefront of our relationship. Election to the Co-op board is just the thing to force that issue. The Co-op has always had progressive and welcoming policies for its staff, members and shoppers. Long-time members of the Co-op want to make sure that tradition of welcoming and openness continues, so it is essential to ask uncomfortable questions of board members who belong to a church that holds intolerant views. I applaud Rebecca Rod and others who had the courage to raise those issues with grace and care.
Finally, as someone who volunteers with local teens, I was taken aback by Mr. Tozer's suggestion that students attending Logos School are superior to local public school students in their morals and intellect. I suggest Mr. Tozer take the time to attend events featuring Moscow High School students, from poetry, drama or arts events, to service projects, to Extended Learning Internship presentations. He will see very bright, caring students with great integrity who will make a tremendous positive difference in the world. We should celebrate their successes, not blame them for social ills (which unfortunately are manifest across the religious spectrum).
Peggy Jenkins, Moscow

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