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Yes, fire departments actually do rescue kittens from trees, especially on Caturday.

Courtesy of the Grand Forks Herald (Grand Forks, North Dakota) at:



VIDEO: Kitten rescued from tree alive and well
Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ-TV) - The kitten that was rescued Tuesday from a tree in Grand Forks is alive and well, officials said Wednesday.

According to neighbors, the kitten was stuck in the tree since at least midnight. Neighbors are relieved the cat is now out of the tree and are so thankful the Grand Forks firefighters rescued the kitten.

The kitten has been taken to Circle of Friends Humane Society, WDAZ reported. Aside from being covered in tree sap, the female kitten is in good health.

Around 11 a.m. Tuesday, crews from the Grand Forks Fire Department along with the city's animal warden responded to the 2500 block of Olson Drive after getting reports from neighbors about a cat stuck in a tree.

"I was walking my dog out last night and heard meowing and kind of started following it and this morning we came out and heard it coming from the tree," Grand Forks resident Lexi Hanson said.

After discussing what to do, officials came up with plan A. Grand Forks firefighters left some food at the base of the tree, hoping the cat would be able to make it down on its own, said Mike Sandry, battalion chief for the Grand Forks Fire Department:

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. One neighbor tells us she checked on the kitten constantly today.

After getting more calls about the kitten not budging from its perch, plan B was put into motion.
Nearly 10 officials responded to the kitten’s location, ready to take up the ladder and rescue the furry feline.

"It appears to just be a kitten and quite possible didn't know how to climb down just yet,"  Sandry said.

While it isn't typical for the fire department to rescue an animal from a tree, neighbors were definitely glad the firefighters went to great lengths to rescue the kitten.

"You know, there's a lot of things that aren't in our job description but we enjoy helping the community and our furry little friends," Sandry said.

Hanson said it's great the fire department showed the community they care.

"I know that there's higher priorities, and I understand if there is something going on that that's where they need to be, but when they have time to do it, I think it's great for them to be here and take care of the little things because those matter too," she said.

It is unclear if she is a stray cat or a lost pet at this point. She will be held at the humane society for five days, so if there is an owner, they have the opportunity to find her. Once the five days are up and she is spayed, the kitten will be put up for adoption.

Given where she was rescued from, the humane society said they are looking for a tree-name for the kitten.


Photos . . .

The female kitten that was rescued from a tree on Tuesday is in good health, Circle of Friends Humane Society officials said Wednesday. 

Grand Forks Fire Department rescues adorable kitty from a tree. 


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