[Vision2020] 10 States With the Most Hate Groups

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10 States With the Most Hate Groups

By Thomas C. Frohlich, Michael B. Sauter and Sam Stebbins    July 9, 
2015 5:56 am EDT


*3. Idaho*

*> Hate groups per 1 million:* 6.2
*> Number of hate groups: * 10 (24th fewest)
*> Adults with at least bachelor’s degree: * 26.2% (13th smallest)
*> Pct. pop. identifying as white: * 91.5% (5th largest)

Idaho has one of the highest concentrations of hate groups in the 
country. It is one of the least populous states in the country yet it 
has 10 active hate groups — as many as its neighbor, Washington, which 
has more than four times Idaho’s population. Almost all of the state’s 
hate groups are white supremacist, including two Aryan Nations branches, 
neo-Confederate group The League of the South, and the skinhead 
organization Northwest Hammerskins. The high concentration of white 
supremacists likely is due in large part to Richard Butler, a founder 
and leader of the Aryan Nations. Butler moved to the state in 1974 and 
urged other whites sympathetic to his cause to join him in creating an 
exclusively white sovereign territory. One of the reasons Butler gave 
for locating in Idaho was an absence of nonwhite people. Even today, 
there is relatively little diversity in the state: only 0.6% of Idaho’s 
population identifies as black, a smaller proportion than any other 
state but Montana.


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