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City of Moscow Parks & Recreation Department Extended Watering of Moscow School District Community Playfields

July 6, 2015 (Moscow, Idaho) - Due to the ongoing heat wave and drought conditions across the region, the City of Moscow Parks and Recreation Department and Moscow School District have determined that daytime irrigation of the newly established turf and recently reseeded areas of the Moscow School District Community Playfields is necessary during this extended period of heat.

There was an irrigation system malfunction from the 26th-29th during which irrigation did not occur at a time where temperatures reached 104 degrees. The new turf and reseeded areas were severely stressed during that time and the extended heat has threatened the survival of the new turf and continued germination of reseeded areas. The new turf does not have a fully developed root system yet which makes it particularly susceptible to heat stress.   Some limited daytime irrigation is necessary to ensure the turf is preserved until temperatures moderate later this week.

The Parks and Recreation Department will continue to monitor conditions on a day to day basis to ensure any daytime irrigation is kept to only what is needed and allow operations to shift to normal irrigation hours as soon as possible.

Park crews also planted several new trees around Moscow this past spring which are also showing signs of stress. Though this is normal for newly planted trees, watering crews are monitoring the trees and altering watering schedules as needed.


Story Contact: Tom Grundin, Parks & Facilities Manager
Phone: 208.883.7098
Email: tgrundin at ci.moscow.id.us<mailto:tgrundin at ci.moscow.id.us>

The City of Moscow delivers quality municipal services while ensuring responsible use of resources.
We anticipate and meet the needs of our diverse population in order to build public trust and enhance a sense of community.

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