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Kind of makes me wonder what the powers that be think of the huge piles of
grain which at the port in Lewiston..
All those ducks, geese and rodents wandering kattywampus, sometimes for

The horror of it all!

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> Planning to Reduce Rat-Infested Food Warehouses
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>   New York Senator Charles Schumer has issued a call for the FDA to
> increase inspections at food warehouses throughout the country, citing some
> 90 warnings issued by the agency in 2014 to food facilities about
> insanitary conditions that included, in multiple cases, dead rodents and
> rodent feces.
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> and wild animals on farm lands. Only the water quality standards have been
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> Crustacean Test Methods
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>   Hidden crustacean proteins in food represent a critical problem for
> people with crustacean allergies. Sufferers have to avoid the consumption
> of food containing crustaceans very strictly. Still, cross-contamination
> can occur as a consequence of the production process.
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