[Vision2020] NASA's Gavin Schmidt Interviewed on PBS 1-16-15 Re: 2014 New Record Warm Global Average Temperatures

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 13:19:17 PST 2015

Years ago, I briefly corresponded with Gavin Schmidt (who was then working
for the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, and has now taken over the
prestigious position of director of GISS, replacing the famous James
Hansen), about a few issues concerning anthropogenic global warming.

I was surprised to get a cordial response to my emails, considering I have
no professional credentials or public exposure on this issue, that would
warrant Schmidt's attention.

But I had never heard him being interviewed till yesterday, on the PBS
Newshour, by Judy Woodruff.  I had only seen pictures of him, or read text.

Text or video of the interview is at the PBS website lower down.  But don't
be fooled!  Schmidt is a deluded or corrupted (maybe both) agent of the
global warming hoax.  Just ask Republican Senator Inhofe, likely to head
the US Senate Environment committee.  The inmates have taken over the
Only a little bit hotter, but 2014’s record temperatures continue long-term

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