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I have never been a big Presley fan. I don't care for any of his big hits, however he does a good job on ballads. Crying in the Chapel is very good.


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. . . Elvis Presley (born January 8, 1935).  That's right . . . eighty years ago today.

 Private Elvis Presley, Company C, 1st Battalion, 32nd Armor (Friedberg, Germany)http://www.TomandRodna.com/Songs/Elvis_Presley/Elvis_Presley.jpg
"Crying in the Chapel"http://www.TomandRodna.com/Songs/Elvis_Presley/Crying_in_the_Chapel.mp3
"Don't Be Cruel"http://www.TomandRodna.com/Songs/Elvis_Presley/Dont_Be_Cruel.mp3
"Heartbreak Hotel"http://www.TomandRodna.com/Songs/Elvis_Presley/Heartbreak_Hotel.mp3
"Jailhouse Rock"http://www.TomandRodna.com/Songs/Elvis_Presley/Jailhouse_Rock.mp3
And (one of) my (many) personal favorite(s) . . . 
"In the Ghetto"http://www.TomandRodna.com/Songs/Elvis_Presley/In_the_Ghetto.mp3
Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .
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