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Nicholas Gier ngier006 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 10:34:13 PST 2015

Hi Roger,

I almost got caught in a local Medicare Advantage program with all sorts of
come-ons, but my former partner, after doing some research, talked me out
of it.  We found out that I could not go to the UW medical school or most
out-of-state medical facilities.  A popular Medicare Advantage program in
Spokane will not cover medical procedures in Moscow!

Some years ago the North Carolina Teachers Association (I believe) put all
of their retirees on a Medicare Advantage Program. Some of them choose to
move out of state and they soon discovered that they had no coverage in
their new areas of residence!

Medicare Advantage is a "Free Market" scam: it limits coverage, take money
away from ordinary Medicare with its high subsidies, and the health
insurance executives add bonuses to their $10 million plus salaries. That's
the only "advantage" I can see in this program.

Time to cut this one free! It proves once again that making health a
commodity subject to market forces simply is not the most efficient way to
delivery and guarantee it.

So I'm telling Sen. Crapo to cool his heels on Medicare Advantage, and do
something positive for ordinary Medicare recipients.

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