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Courtesy of today's (February 23, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.


What Stacy Ringo learned on the campaign trail
Latah Democrats thank volunteers with potluck dinner and encouraging words
Stacy Ringo, who served as campaign manager for the unsuccessful attempt of her mom, Shirley Ringo, to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador, said she had learned a lot of things from the campaign.
Among them, she said, were that:

Secluded parking lots are good locations for quick wardrobe changes between meetings;
Driving by casinos brings on daydreams of easier ways to multiply the money in a campaign budget;

One motel chain's promise of a hot and tasty breakfast is only half-true (the hot part);

James Patterson audio books aren't the most appropriate travel accessory for mother-daughter road trips because of the descriptions of "adult intimacy";

Candidates always think they speak half as long as they do.
And, she told Latah County Democrats on Saturday evening, "No campaign would be successful without volunteers."
Latah County Democrats held a potluck as a thank-you gesture to dozens of volunteers who helped get local party members elected - or at least noticed - during the November general election.
Also speaking were rookie state Rep. Paulette Jordan of Plummer and third-term state Sen. Dan Schmidt of Moscow, the two Democrats from the 5th Legislative District, which includes Latah and Benewah counties.
Schmidt said the 5th District was one of only three of Idaho's 35 legislative districts to elect "mixed" political slates of legislators to serve in Boise the next two years. State Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy is the Republican in the mix in the 5th District.
Schmidt said the hard work of getting more Democrats elected to offices across the state is important work that "our generation needs to do, work that will serve the state."
Morgan Hill, president of Idaho Young Democrats, said baby boomers aren't alone when it comes to wanting to make opportunities for political change in the Gem State, a long-time GOP stronghold.
He told the local party members the organization want to know how they could help county party organizations and "love hearing from our generational allies."
The youth group has members into their mid-30s statewide but many local groups are based on college campuses. North Idaho College recently started a chapter, he said.
The group also devoted some time to remember Sue Hovey, a local educator and stalwart Democrat who died in January.
Ringo, whom Hovey served as campaign manager throughout most of Ringo's long legislative career, talked about Hovey's devotion to education, children, people with disabilities and Democratic Party ideas.
She said Hovey's obituary contained some final barbs directed at the GOP, noting she was born during a depression brought on by the Republican Party, and that she died during the recovery from a recession brought on by the Republican Party.


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