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Stimulation of the nervous system could replace drugs for inflammatory and autoimmune conditionsTo view this email as a web page, go here.
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March 2015 Issue Highlights

 Buy this Issue Shock Medicine Stimulation of the nervous system could replace drugs for inflammatory and autoimmune conditions
Kevin J. TraceyONLINE ONLY:

 - An Electrical Off-Switch for Disease [Video]
Innovations In: The Microbiome The microbes within
Special Report from Nature & Scientific American
Oceans from the Skies To discover the origin of the oceans, scientists are investigating our solar system’s farthest reaches and earliest moments
David Jewitt, Edward D. YoungONLINE ONLY:

 - Rosetta pours cold water on cometary origins of Earth's oceans
Sound Bytes Ears are such terrific pattern finders that scientists are using audio data to detect cancer cells and particles from space

 - Detecting Cancer By Sound [Audio]
Ebola War How the largest outbreak on record jump-started the development of two experimental vaccines and a couple of promising treatments
Helen BranswellONLINE ONLY:

 - Ebola’s Relentless Tides: A Timeline
Fantasy Island Using the Pacific nation of Kiribati as a poster child for the ravages of rising seas is not only misleading, it may also be harmful
Simon D. DonnerONLINE ONLY:

 - The Kiribati People Battle Sea Level Rise [Slide Show]
Our Transparent Future No secret is safe in the digital age. The implications for our institutions are downright Darwinian
Daniel C. Dennett, Deb RoyONLINE ONLY:

 - How Transparency Will Change The World [Video]

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