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You realize that Third Street is totally residential going east from Washington.  This means lots and lots of kids, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident with kids chasing balls (or whatever) onto Third Street.


Benefits of a pedestrian bridge at Third Street are two-fold: 


-          It beautifies the area (something the city council has been pushing) and

-          It benefits the pedestrian traffic east of Paradise Creek (especially pedestrian traffic to/from Moscow HS).


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho 



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My hope would be that the park notion died and that plans are being made to connect third st. and mtn. view for vehicular traffic at some point. Taking a little pressure off of sixth, b, and d would be a benefit to all​ of the cities residents.




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Whatever became of Moscow's hopes for . . .


The Third Street Bridge


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .


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Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


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