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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Feb 6 05:36:02 PST 2015

Courtesy of today's (February 6, 2015) Lewiston Tribune with special thanks to Shirley Ringo for stepping forward.

Egg on our faces
Sometimes in the heat of the moment, intelligent people make incredibly stupid decisions. Such was the case with certain members of the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.
The IDLCC legitimately raises money and spends it to assist selected candidates with their campaigns. This is a transparent process and completely appropriate. Unfortunately, certain members of IDLCC decided to be "clever" and took what for them was unprecedented action in the 2014 election.
IDLCC helped form a committee called Patriot PAC and used it as a mechanism to send a letter to entice very right-leaning Republicans to vote for independent candidate David Suswal, thereby reducing the number of votes going to the Republican nominee. Of interest is the fact that "Patriot PAC," and others like it, are not even required to inform any candidates of their actions.
People who are not usually crooked aren't very good at it. It should have been predictable that at least someone who received the letter might be sufficiently curious to trace its source and funding.
The size of the expenditure on this ill-advised caper was minimal, but the lesson learned was huge. The action was an aberration for those behind it.
We'll wipe the egg off the appropriate faces and move forward. The action was also not standard practice for either party in our legislative district - let's keep it that way.
Shirley Ringo

Shirley Ringo proving once again that you can remove the teacher from the classroom, but you'll never remove the classroom from the teacher.

Thanks, Shirley.

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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Tom Hansen
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