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Courtesy of today's (December 22, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Patrice Lyon is one tough cookieBut Pepperidge Farms thought her Pecan Pie creation was delish
>From national conferences and internships to graduate work and honor societies, Patrice Lyon has heard the "miracle" label more than once. However, maneuvering around obstacles is just her way of life.
Lyon has overcome many more challenges than most 27-year-olds. She has also reached more milestones than many people her age.
She graduated from Washington State University with a food science degree, a chemistry degree and a minor in biochemistry. She is now working on her master's at Kansas State University.
While an intern at Pepperidge Farm, Lyon was on the team that developed a new seasonal cookie, the Pecan Pie, a part of the Dessert Shop line that will be on the shelf until about February, Lyon said.
Lyon, who has lived in Pullman most of her life, was born with problems controlling the right side of her body. When she was six weeks old, she had a stroke. During surgery, she lost oxygen for over a minute.
Her parents, Jay and Judith Lyon, said she had brain damage and auditory processing problems. She was put through physical and speech therapy.
Today, she said, "My long-term memory is really good."
Short-term memory, however, continues to be a struggle for her, requiring her to take extensive notes and record lectures and conversations.
"I belong to Phi Kappa Phi, which is an honor society, and I belong to the Frontier Program, and that's more or less looking at food safety and defense," Lyon said.
She became interested in food science when she was in high school through 4-H, but even before that was an active member of 4-H and Girl Scouts.
"Growing up I concentrated on music and doing Girl Scouts and 4-H," she said. "It boosted my confidence and public speaking skills."
Though public speaking and writing were difficult for Lyon, she has always been a natural with numbers.
"I really loved science, and I'm really gifted in math," she said. "I wanted something to be a little bit more challenging."
"You take chemistry and physics and math and statistics and even a little biochem, and you kind of put it all together and basically that's food science," she said.
With a family full of food allergies and intolerances, Lyon realized that food science would be a great way to help others.
"People need to eat," she said. "I want to help them out and make sure it's affordable."
Studying food science gave Lyon the opportunity to travel to conferences and competitions, and she said it has led to quite a few awards.
One in particular was the 2009 Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest, sponsored by Kraft. Teams had to identify physical and taste attributes in nearly 50 products. Her team of three took first place, competing against teams across the country made up of 20 to 40 people.
Since then, Lyon has had positions and internships at the WSU Creamery; Leprino Foods, which sells dairy products to food services; Continental Mills, a producer of grain products and mixes with brands such as Krusteaz; and most recently, a co-op internship with Pepperidge Farm.
The Pecan Pie cookie, she said, "is the first one, and I have more coming out next year, either soft bake or from the Milanos" cookie brand.
Creating an original cookie recipe for a well established brand was hard work, she said.
"It took a lot of formulas to get it right, with marketing and with the cost and also just how it looks," Lyon said. "You try to get it as close to the bench top product and as close as possible to the flavor curve."
The flavor curve has to do with the smell, the high peak flavors and the flavor attributes that come after swallowing.
"Maybe it's nutty, that would have to be one of the characteristics for sure - or rich, or smooth or creamy," she said.
Lyon's time at Pepperidge Farm opened more doors for her. She said she might be interested in working for them after she graduates, or a similar company. She has already had an interview at Nestlé and is interested in Kellogg's as well.
"I would like to do research and development for one of those companies," she said.
Lyon said that in the long term, she would be interested in opening her own business to help people who have health problems.
Her passion for helping others wouldn't be possible without others helping her along her way, though.
"You need somebody who believes in you and you need to believe in yourself, too, that you can do it," she said. "And that you can overcome anything."
Lyon said that it has been important for her to find her own ways to deal with obstacles.
She also has a long list of people who have helped her along the way to her success. Some of these people include teachers, Tom Trail in 4-H, Nell Carver, Mary Jean Craig, Leslie Sprouse, Jan and Darryl Kent and, of course, her parents, who provide her with endless love and support.
"I've never been a quitter. Ever," Lyon said. "I know that even with my obstacles, there's a reason I have these disabilities and that God put them there for a reason, and that maybe in the future I could help out other people who do have disabilities."
The Pecan Pie cookie is one of give cookies that Patrice Lyon of Pullman helped create during an internship at Pepperidge Farm.


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Nice front page article on Patrice Lyon in todays DN. She was a member of the Mountain View 4-H Club.


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