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Kitten survives near-death experience with trash compactor, just in time for STAR WARS Caturday.

Courtesy of KCRA News (Sacramento, Calif.) at:


Kitten survives Galt recycling center, rescued just before falling into compactor

GALT, Calif. (KCRA) - 
A tiny kitten was discovered headed down a conveyor belt at a Galt recycling facility Tuesday, just as she was moving toward a potentially fatal compression.

Cal- Waste Loader Operator Tony Miranda was sorting the recycling when the newborn feline came into view.

“We put so much material in here and we run so much stuff through it,” Miranda said. “It’s just amazing to see a little kitty survive through all this. It made my day today, definitely made my day.”

The kitten was already a survivor before she reached Miranda. She presumably made it through a ride on a garbage truck before a tractor pushed her onto the first of two conveyor belts. After a several foot fall from one belt to another, Miranda spotted her.

pretty much just found it between all the debris and bags and just everything,” he said. “I just grabbed it and immediately reported it to the line supervisor.”

A call went out to other employees at the facility, letting them know what Miranda found.

“Over the radio, I heard them say that they found a live cat, and I was curious cause, I mean that’s just amazing, but, I wanted to see it,” Shift Lead Heather Garcia said.

Garcia headed over to the conveyor belt and after playing with the kitten, soon found a maternal longing coming over her.

“It’s just so cute, I mean why wouldn’t you take it home,” Garcia said.

Garcia claimed the kitten as her own, naming the kitten Murphy after the material recovery facility, which employees call “The Murph.”

After her shift, Garcia took Murphy and headed for home, helping the kitten go from one person’s trash to her new treasure.







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