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After all these years you'd think I couldn't be fooled by Doug and the boyz.
Ha.  I am apparently still as dumb as a post.  The  recently published and
thoroughly discredited, heavily plagiarized book co-authored by Moscow's own
Doug Wilson and his buddy Randy Booth (a minister in Doug's made up
denomination the Communion of Reformed Evangelicals (aka CREC), A Justice
Primer is still available - only much cheaper.  What is one to think about a
pair of ministers who submit a book to publication, (Canon Press, Doug's
former "literature ministry" was sold to his son Nathan Wilson and Nathan's
agent, Aaron Rench a year or so ago) and then, after the plagiarism is
exposed, these two devout members of Christ Church will still continue to
sell it - it just won't cost as much.  What kind of moral cretins would even
envision such a tactic?  The image below shows the plagiarized  book on the
left and the Wilson - Booth effort on the right.  Source:

I should mention that Doug claims he is in a sense responsible since his
name is on the cover but he never actually read the whole book
<https://dougwils.com/s7-engaging-the-culture/110015.html>  before it was
published.  Randy Booth was in charge of that duty.  It is a little hard to
believe that  the excuses that Randy Booth offers for the "mistakes" in not
sourcing the text he stole from others mirrors the ones that the word thief
and all around louse, Steve Wilkins (Southern Slavery As It Was, co-authored
Doug Wilson and also published by Canon Press), gave when he was caught out
- just a little mix up in notes taken over the years for sermons and talks
he had given.  Both Wilkins and Booth are pastors of CREC churches.  

Morally corrupt hardly begins to cover the tricky wording from Doug Wilson
and Canon Press demonstrated below.  How kind of them to incorporate the
term "weasel words" so aptly in their own business dealings.

Rose Huskey

Justice Remaindered

A Corruption of Justice Primer


"I am completely supportive of Canon Press withdrawing the book from
circulation." Douglas Wilson <http://canonpress.com/a-justice-primer/> 

Canon Press has "remaindered" and "discontinued" A Justice Primer, which
means they intend to sell their remaining inventory - presumably at a
discount - after which they intend to put the book out of print. Canon
Press' website states <http://canonpress.com/a-justice-primer/> :

A Justice Primer
REMAINDERED AS OF 12/10/2015. Click "Product Description" below to read
statements by Canon Press and the authors.

"Remaindered" is an industry term in publishing. It does not mean the
publisher has removed the product from the market. It means the publisher
has slashed the price to move the product and it has no secondary
definition. Wiki defines it <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remaindered_book>

Remaindered books are printed books that are no longer selling well and
whose remaining unsold copies are liquidated by the publisher at greatly
reduced prices. While the publisher may take a loss on the sales of these
books, they are able to make some money off the sale and clear out space in
the warehouses.

Canon Press' website also states <http://canonpress.com/a-justice-primer/> :
"As such, we have discontinued the book, effective immediately." And by
"discontinued," they mean the book is available but no longer in production;
hence Wiktionary <https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/discontinued> :
"Permanently no longer available or in production." If Canon Press had
simply "discontinued" the book, this would mean that it is not available for
sale or in production. But they "remaindered" and "discontinued" it, which
explains why Amazon still sells it
<http://www.amazon.ca/A-Justice-Primer-Douglas-Wilson/dp/1591281784> .

So WORLD Magazine reported incorrectly
agiarism>  that "Canon Press has pulled from shelves A Justice Primer. . ."
Carl Trueman was too kind when he used the words
"this mendacious buffoonery" to describe the latest scandal to besiege
Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow. And Canon Press' duplicitous
statement furnishes us with a precursor of the CREC Review Committee's
findings. This is how these people communicate. 

I leave you with A Justice Primer's plagiarized definition of "weasel

A Justice Primer, pages 186-187, "weasel words"

Ulysses | Sunday, December 13, 2015 . 4:16 PM | A Corruption of Justice
Primer <http://moscowid.net/category/a-corruption-of-justice-primer/> ,
Plagiarism <http://moscowid.net/category/plagiarism/> 



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