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Canon Press has investigated the charges of plagiarism and improper citation
in A Justice Primer, and it is abundantly clear that the editor and
co-author, Randy Booth, plagiarized material in multiple instances from a
number of different sources. Such negligence and editorial incompetence is a
gross breach of contract and obviously does not meet Canon Press's
publishing standards. As such, we have discontinued the book, effective
immediately. Refer to the author statements below for more information. We
would like to specifically thank Rachel Miller for bringing this to our
attention so we could take the necessary steps to immediately correct such a
serious error.



"This is a mea culpa for the citation omissions in A Justice Primer. A few
years ago I approached Doug Wilson about a combined effort to produce a book
on justice. He had begun to write some on the subject as had I. The idea was
to blend the writing, and I was in charge of accomplishing this. As best I
can tell, all the problems are mine and not Doug's. As a pastor I was
drawing on a wide range of materials and notes that I had collected over a
number of years to use in sermons or lessons with no intention of publishing
that material, thus citations were often missing in my old notes. Concerning
the 'definitions,' I didn't see the need to cite those sources. I have also
been a student of Dr. Greg Bahnsen for over twenty-five years, and
undoubtedly some of his material has found its way into sermons and Bible
studies over the years, which were cut-and-pasted as I prepared for this
book.  Regarding the material taken from Paul Rose (2003) and Wayne Blank, I
freely acknowledge that I originally collected their material but did not
have it cited in my notes from years ago. This is a serious mistake on my
part (not differentiating my own material from others in my research and
study). While this was not intentional plagiarism on my part, nevertheless I
clearly did use their words without proper citation and for this I publicly

 [These comments from Randy Booth are almost identical to the excuses
offered by Steve Wilkins, a co-author of Southern Slavery As It Was, who
shared with Doug Wilson the ignominious disgrace of twenty-two examples of
plagiarism in SAIW.  Can you imagine any setting other than a corrupt church
and corrupt ministry  that dares to trot out the same excuse twice that
"sources were mixed up over the years" and that somehow Randy Booth - not
the sharpest pencil in the drawer at the best of times -  was delusional to
the point that he  believed he had written this crap himself.  The half
assed apology from all three of the voices is not enough. Canon needs to
return the money collected from selling this tainted book to the unwitting
saps who purchased it; Randy Booth should be placed on a leave of absence
from the pulpit and certainly should step down from his permanent chair on
the Board of New Saint Andrews College; Doug Wilson should make a public
apology for associating with and supporting bumblefarts who commit this
egregious error in judgment.  Now on to the finger pointing master himself.]


"I was disappointed to find out today that there are serious citation
problems in A Justice Primer. In light of this, I am completely supportive
of Canon Press withdrawing the book from circulation. For further details on
what happened and how, I would refer you to the statements by Canon Press
and Randy Booth."

 Rose Huskey


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