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​From Inside Higher Education:

​National Champions in Football Player Arrests
Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 3:00am

Mike Rosenberg, a former sports reporter for the* San Jose Mercury News*,
took to Twitter to share the results of his research
<https://twitter.com/rosenbergmerc> on the arrests of college football
players in the last five years. Washington State University earned the top
spot (31 arrests), followed by the University of Florida (24), a tie for
third with both the University of Georgia and Texas A&M University (22),
and the University of Oklahoma (21) rounding out the top five. Washington
State also had another distinction: because its football team has not been
winning many games in recent seasons, it was one of three universities
with more
arrests (13 more arrests, in fact) than victories
<https://twitter.com/RosenbergMerc> in the last five years.
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