[Vision2020] The House Bill to defund Planned Parenthood has been . . .

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I don't the think the PP sting videos changed anyone's minds, the maybe just galvanized each side to dig in deeper.  As distasteful as they were, it doesn't look like PP was doing anything illegal.  The one issue that does need to be addressed is that health / safety of the women needs to be top priority and there should be no deviations to the procedure ala crunching above or below outside of this top priority.

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    TaDa!! Unfortunately, the smear campaign is likely to have entered
    what passes for the brains of the anti-choice, anti-women's health,
    anti-birth control contingent.....and once they get a hold of
    misinformation which fits their predjudices it is impossible to
    dislodge the irrational acceptance of Bull Puckey.

    Debi R-S



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