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Sinbad the cat's 3,000-mile journey from Egypt to Hereford in shipping container
Stowaway ginger tom sneaks onto back of lorry at Alexandria port before travelling in sealed container across Mediterranean Sea and through Europe to Moreton-on-Lugg
A cat is recovering after surviving without food and water for 17 days in a shipping container during a 3,000 mile journey to Britain - from Egypt. 
The stowaway ginger tom, who has since been named Sinbad, managed to sneak onto the back of a lorry at Alexandria port in the north of the African country on March 8. 
The cat then travelled in the sealed container across the Mediterranean Sea on a ferry before embarking on a road trip through Central Europe. 
Sinbad was finally found when the lorry arrived at the warehouse of Mediterranean Linen in Moreton-on-Lugg, Hereford, and its cargo was unloaded on March 25. 
Staff had heard desperate meows coming from inside the vehicle and found the cat had made itself a bed in one of the container boxes of laundry linen. They cornered the eight-month-old animal and gave it food and water before contacting the RSPCA.
Graham Monteath, managing director at Mediterranean Linens, said staff could not work out what the noise was when the shipping container arrived at their depot. 
The 56-year-old added: "We heard this screeching noise. I have never heard a cat make that noise before. One of the lads thought it was a baby. 
"I thought it could have been a buzzard trying to get into the warehouse because we do get lots of them around here. I just turned round and thought 'good God', what is that?' Then this cat's head popped out of the door. 
"We checked the seal and it had not been tampered with. It was very odd. The RSPCA woman said that she was very surprised how well the cat looked. 
"It had scratched open one of the boxes. There was not much of a mess but we did not use any of the linen by that. I gave him the beef which was for my lunch. He scoffed it. So he got some good British food for his first meal on English soil." 
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• Cat's 3,400 mile accidental journey from Egypt to Nottinghamshire
RSPCA inspector Pippa Boyd said she had not seen anything like it in her eight-year career. 
She added: "They showed me the paperwork. They have to seal the container and put a tag on it there, which they did when the container left. 
"They showed me the paperwork and the tag, and it did all match up. We thought maybe at customs someone might have opened it up, but they didn't. He such a curious cat. He just seems to be wanting to be everywhere and see everything. I imagine they were loading and he just sneaked in." P
Sinbad will now spend four months in quarantine, which will cost the RSPCA £2,000 so an appeal webpage has been created to cover costs. 
Ms Boyd added: "For us, it is a lot of money for one cat. But he has had such a plight and got all of this way so the only thing we can do is get him through it. He is a very affectionate cat and once he has finished his quarantine he will be looking for a loving home."
Sinbad travelled in a container across the Mediterranean Sea before embarking on a road trip through Central Europe.

Sinbad with Trainee Veterinary Nurse Amy Wheeler and RSPCA Inspector Pippa Boyd 


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