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Thanks to the wonderful people who found our dogs and contacted us last evening!! Dogs are home safe and sound, though footsore. Good neighbors are a blessing---living in the country we are spread out so we don't get to meet many of them, but when needed we all seem to pull together!
Debi R-S
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  RavenCroft Farm: 
  Our doofus dogs have staged their semi-annual jailbreak. Hoping someone finds them and either takes them to the shelter (who will call us, being familiar with these idiots) or calls us at 
  208-882-3616 or 208-874-2244 or e-mail us at debismith at moscow.com. 

  Ridge is about 70 pounds, reddish hound mix. LaMont is about 55 pounds, black and brown with four white socks. Purple collar on one, black collar on the other. VERY friendly, would love a ride in your car or a piece of bacon or to snuggle your cat....Stupid but sweet, and we really want the dingdongs home. They are like a pack of teenage boys---individually great, together completely brainless....They are probably full of porcupine quills by now as that's how dumb they are (5th time's a charm?)

  Debi R-S


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