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We have no argument there. I should think you would know that I do understand the information below.  My point was simple:  elections do not determine right or wrong, only who won.  I was responding to your comment  the election would determine whether the governor was right or wrong.  Elected officials also know their actions don’t necessarily translate into negative votes for all sorts of reasons.  In Idaho Republicans are cut a lot of slack (assuming they toe the party line.)  In other states it’s Democrats.  


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For the most part, I agree with you, but who gets to decide what is either right or wrong? In a representative democracy, it is the will of the people that is translated into
legislation by the elected representatives.  If any legislature, not just Idaho's, does not carry out the will of the people, then those people will vote them out of office because
they no longer represent the people. But until they are voted out of office, they are the representatives of the people and act accordingly. Rightness or wrongness has nothing to do with it.


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  And if they get re-elected, it doesn’t mean they did the right thing; it only means those who voted agreed with them.  Rightness and wrongness are not necessarily a function of elections, as those who get penalized through Idaho legislative activity know only too well. 

  Sue H

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  And the next election, considering that we live in a representative democracy, will decide IF the legislature and the governor did the right thing or not, or if the people collectively think they are on the right track.
  IF you don't like what the elected officials of the State of Idaho do, vote them out of office. 

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    As I said, Otter felt he had no choice but to sign the bill. Now though, he is attempting (pretending) to "man up" to his responsibilities. But this is not a true man's courageous stand. It is the stand of a wimp who is, after the fact, trying to play both sides. What a looser. 
    Outside of a few gun toting hare-brains who think an appropriate environment to be carrying their popguns are institutions of higher learning, I would hazard that most Idahoans are looking at this development with a critical eye. 

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