[Vision2020] Idaho eyes 80 mph top speed limit

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Where in Idaho is it safe to drive 80 mph?

Down by Boise, in the "Other Idaho"


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> Courtesy of today's (March 12, 2014) Spokesman-Review.
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> Idaho eyes 80 mph top speed limit
> BOISE - Some stretches of freeway in Idaho could see speed limits rise to
> 80 mph, under legislation that won final passage in the Idaho House on
> Tuesday and headed to the governor's desk.
> The House was closely divided, approving the measure on a 34-31 vote, with
> opponents citing safety concerns.
> Backers said the Idaho Transportation Department would only up the top
> speeds on sections where it determines, after engineering and traffic
> studies, that it would be in the public interest. Attention is aimed
> squarely at the southern end of the state, where I-84 across the Utah state
> line already is at 80 mph, which Idaho remains at 75.
> Rep. Marc Gibbs, R-Grace, the bill's House sponsor, said, "I think it can
> safely be done in Idaho."
> Utah did a three-year experiment with 80 mph top speeds and found that
> accident rates didn't rise with the higher limit, in part because drivers
> on the selected stretches of freeway mostly went no faster than they had
> before.
> The bill, SB 1284a, also would allow ITD to raise top speeds from 65 mph
> to 70 mph on selected stretches of state highway, under the same
> conditions. If Gov. Butch Otter signs the bill into law, it would take
> effect July 1; it'd then be up to ITD to decide when, or if, any speed
> limits would rise.
> Utah is currently the only state with an 80 mph top speed limit, but Texas
> is at 85 mph.
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> Senate Bill 1284
> http://www.legislature.idaho.gov/legislation/2014/S1284E2.pdf
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