[Vision2020] Idaho Senate Joint Resolution 103 (Military Duty), as amended, . . . (Sue Hovey)

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The Feds also have a militia (from the ever-reliable Wikipedia):

The reserve militia
All able bodied men, 17 to 45 of age, are ultimately eligible to be called up into military service and belong to the class known as the reserve militia, also known as the unorganized militia (10 USC). Able bodied men who are not eligible for inclusion in the reserve militia pool are those aliens not having declared their intent to become citizens of the United States (10 USC 311) and former regular component veterans of the armed forces who have reached the age of 64 (32 USC 313). All female citizens who are members of National Guard units are also included in the reserve militia pool (10 USC 311).
Washington is already ahead of Idaho in including women:
Many individual states have additional statutes describing their residents as part of the state militia; for example Washington law specifies all able-bodied citizens or intended citizens over the age of eighteen as members of the state militia, as explicitly distinct from the National Guard and Washington State Guard.

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On Friday, March 7, 2014 7:32 PM, Lynn McCollough <lmccollough at gmail.com> wrote:
Is this important because it by default makes everyone over the age of 18 in Idaho a member of a militia?
>Is this important because some people actually do understand that many (most) of the rights of US citizens are, in fact, restricted in some way?
>Is this resolution being brought forth by people who in the future hope to declare all Idahoans "well regulated"?
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