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Sat Mar 1 19:50:24 PST 2014

The provisions of the law are pretty broad. The way I read this, it would apply to logging on public lands (fiber).

(d) Enters an agricultural production facility and, without the facil-
25 ity owner's express consent or pursuant to judicial process or statu-
26 tory authorization, makes audio or video recordings of the conduct of an
27 agricultural production facility's operations;

(a) "Agricultural production" means activities associated with the
33 production of agricultural products for food, fiber, fuel and other
34 lawful uses and includes without limitation:
35 (i) Construction, expansion, use, maintenance and repair of an
36 agricultural production facility;
37 (ii) Preparing land for agricultural production;
38 (iii) Handling or applying pesticides, herbicides or other chem-
39 icals, compounds or substances labeled for insects, pests, crops,
40 weeds, water or soil;
41 (iv) Planting, irrigating, growing, fertilizing, harvesting or
42 producing agricultural, horticultural, floricultural and viti-
cultural crops, fruits and vegetable products, field grains,
2 seeds, hay, sod and nursery stock, and other plants, plant prod-
3 ucts, plant byproducts, plant waste and plant compost;
4 (v) Breeding, hatching, raising, producing, feeding and keep-
5 ing livestock, dairy animals, swine, furbearing animals, poultry,
6 eggs, fish and other aquatic species, and other animals, animal
7 products and animal byproducts, animal waste, animal compost, and
8 bees, bee products and bee byproducts;
9 (vi) Processing and packaging agricultural products, including
10 the processing and packaging of agricultural products into food
11 and other agricultural commodities;
12 (vii) Manufacturing animal feed;
13 (viii) Transporting agricultural products to or from an agricul-
14 tural facility;
15 (ix) Selling agricultural products at a farmers or roadside mar-
16 ket.
17 (b) "Agricultural production facility" means any structure or land,
18 whether privately or publicly owned, leased or operated, that is being
19 used for agricultural production.

Ron Force 
Moscow Idaho USA
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