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You undoubtedly know more about Modi's background than I do, so I will defer to you. I do have a question. I am aware of Nazi Beownshirts. Did the Fascists have a similar group? On a Bing search I can not find a reference to Fascist Brownshirt. Personally I do not see much difference between Nazism and Fascism. They both are incompatible with individual liberty and freedom. You seem to conflate the two to some extent also.


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Hi Roger,
I certainly do not use the label "fascist" promiscuously, so here are the facts about Narendhi Modi, his background, and his associates.
1. He has been a life time member of the RSS, a paramilitary organization based on Mussolini's Brownshirts. It was not a youthful indiscretion as you imply.
2. When he first became Gujurat's prime minister he proposed that every civil servant in the state attend RSS meetings. His advisers wisely said that would be bad idea.
3. Gujurat's school curriculum praises Nazi Germany and describes Hiter as a "charismatic" personality. 
4. Modi praised other Hindu fundamentalists who also had a fascination with Hilter and Mussolini. I detail all of this in my chapter on these people in my book. Their positions and activities are not that different from those of our very own Aryan Nations.
5. Modi had close ties with all the organizations that planned in advance the pogrom against Muslims. His own BJP party presided at parades of armed Hindu men, who then killed Muslims, burned their homes and businesses.  The BJP Party platform praised the destruction of the great mosque in Ayodhya and supports the building of a Hindu temple in its place.
6. The Indian Human Rights Commission condemned him for promoting "racial superiority" and religious discrimination against Christians and Muslims.

Thanks for your comments about my tribute to my father.  I never called my father “my old man” and I never dissed him in front of my friends.  I strongly disagreed with my parent’s political views but I never lost respect for them. I learned a lot about family values from my Morman relatives, especially my very dear Aunt Inez. Her family were our very closest relatives.

Thanks for the dialogue,


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Why do you and some other liberals insist on labeling all instances of racial or religious persecution as Nazism, Fascism or right wing? It is not confined to any particular political persuasion. After all Eugenics originated with the those of the American left such as Margaret Sanger.

First a couple of definitions from Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary , copyright 1977.

Fascism- 1. A political philosophy, movement or regime(as that of the Fascisti)  that exalts nation  and race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed  by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible  suppression of opposition. 2. A tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.

Nazism- The body of political and economic doctrines held and put into effect by the National Socialist German  Workers Party in the Third German Reich including the totalitarian principles of government, state  control of all industry, predominance of groups assumed to be racially superior, and supremacy of the fuhrer.

It is true thatModi did nothing to stop the slaughter of Muslims. It is not clear that he promoted it. There have also been Hindu's slaughtered  by Muslims. Are they then Fascist because of their  racial hated?  As you said he did improve the economy. Regardless of his youthful association I don't know that he ran a fascist state government.

I liked your tribute to your dad. I think I would have liked him in spite of his support for George Wallace. My experience was different than yours. I was raised to respect my elders. My two brothers and I batched when we went to High School as the school was 100 miles away from the ranch. I was appalled at the way some of my classmates talked to and about their parents. It was my stupid old man this and that. I would never have dreamed of talking to or about parents like that. I was vary impressed with the Mormons. Their church was accross the ally from our cabin. There the old and young folks were singing, dancing and having a good time together.  That is my idea of what a family should be like.


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