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And that all-inclusive and loving community-conscious group of care givers . . . Idaho's own . . . Nazis; the Next Generation . . . otherwise known as . . .

Aryan Nations

What about 

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"There's room at the top they are telling you still.
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill,
If you want to be like the folks on the hill."

- John Lennon

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> Roger
> Benito Mussolini saw fascism as opposing socialism and left-wing ideologies: He stated "If it is admitted that the nineteenth century has been the century of Socialism, Liberalism and Democracy, it does not follow that the twentieth must also be the century of Liberalism, Socialism and Democracy. Political doctrines pass; peoples remain. It is to be expected that this century may be that of authority, a century of the "Right," a Fascist century."
> Fascists support the state having control over the economy, but support the existence of private property. When fascists have criticized capitalism, they have focused their attacks on "finance capitalism", the international nature of banks and the stock exchange. Hilter believed it was controlled by the Jewish people. Under fascism, the profit motive is the primary motivation of contributors to the economy. Along with support of private property and the profit motive, fascists also support the market economy.  Mussolini praised the historic developments of "heroic capitalism" He argued “Capitalism, like everything human, have their defects. I only say their possibilities of usefulness are not ended. Capitalism has borne the monstrous burden of the war and today still has the strength to shoulder the burdens of peace. ... It is not simply and solely an accumulation of wealth, it is an elaboration, a selection, a co-ordination of values which is the work of centuries. ... Many think, and I myself am one of them, that capitalism is scarcely at the beginning of its story”.
> Benito Mussolini considered Fascism as opposed to Socialism, "Therefore Fascism is opposed to Socialism, which confines the movement of history within the class struggle and ignores the unity of classes established in one economic and moral reality in the State; and analogously it is opposed to class syndicalism..." Adolf Hitler at times attempted to redefine the word socialism, such as saying, "Socialism! That is an unfortunate word altogether... What does socialism really mean? If people have something to eat and their pleasures, then they have their socialism." 
> Fascism also denounces democratic socialism as a failure. Fascism is opposed to communism and opposes communism's intention for international class revolution.
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