[Vision2020] Caturday (July 12, 2014) (Moscow Cares)

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Our tiny little organic farm relies on our beautiful cats to keep mice, voles, weasels, rabbits, and chipmunks down to a dull roar. Our nutso big  dogs scare off the deer, elk, rabbits and moose (and unwelcome "guests"). Without our "indoor-outdoor" pals, we wouldn't have any veg to sell at the Tuesday Growers Market in Moscow  or the Pullman Farmers' Market on Wednesdays! We don't need 8 foot "deer fence", bird "cannons", traps (uggghh!) or poison (even more UGGGHHHH!). Bonus--we don't lose chickens to predators or raptors! It's just too darn noisy and busy up in here!

BarkBark, MeowMeow!!

We love our field hands, treat them like the kings and queens they are, and are blessed with their assistance and affection.

Debi R-S
RavenCroft Farm
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  Here in Moscow
  I live just off campus
  and in my neighborhood
  One of my neighbors has a beautiful black cat
  That I refer to as the Hunter

  Until the Hunter appeared
  rabbits ate more of my garden than I did
  Now I have lettuce and chard and all kinds of things that before was just rabbit food

  and everytime I see him/her (I have never been close enough to tell, the hunter is not "that" kind of cat)
  I think of how the humane society and others say cats should stay inside!
  Thank goodness that the people of the Hunter do not heed those instructions



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