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That was fun, Paul - thanks for sharing.


My results were 43% conservative, 57% liberal.


So much for those who like to paint me as a Commie subversive - I know my
results must absolutely kill them  J


I don't know how accurate the test is.  I guess I've always thought I was
relatively liberal - but not foolishly so - but after living in red Idaho
for so long, I thought I was extremely liberal.  Just goes to show how
completely out-of-touch with reality many in power in this state . . . and
some even on V2020 . . . are.




Moscow, ID


Well-behaved women seldom make history.

~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich



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Time magazine has a personality quiz that rates you somewhere on the liberal
<-> conservative scale.


I came out 45% conservative, 55% liberal.  I'm curious where others fall on
this and whether or not you think it is accurate.

For myself, it seems reasonable to me.  I'm fiscally conservative and
socially liberal, for the most part.



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