[Vision2020] Cleveland - latest media circus of 'white cop shoots black kid'

Scott Dredge scooterd408 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 4 15:35:00 PST 2014

'Cleveland Cop in Toy Gun Killing Resigned From Previous Job After 'Dismal' Handgun Performance'


There might actually be an indictment and a conviction in this case.  The scripts need to be reversed here by the prosecutor and defense teams.  In this Cleveland case, the prosecutor needs to push for the whole story (past history showing bad cop) and the defense needs to press the jury to focus on 'It was a split second reaction.  Anyone could have made the same mistake'.  In the Ferguson case, the lynch pin of getting a conviction would have been for the prosecutor to focus on the sliver in time of 'clearly he had his hands up' and trying like mad to suppress evidence and witness testimony of the preceding robbery & assault.

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