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I would agree. The police did not handle it right, but we still do not know what actually happened. The statement made by the friend is suspect as they may have been jointly involved in a robbery. Just like in the Trayvon Martin case the first reports may not be accurate. On the other hand there are rouge cops. Lets see what an investigation finds. A few years ago a friend of my brothers had a bad experience in Nevada. He received a phone call that his son was in an accident a short ways away from where they lived. He jumped in the car and headed to the scene. The accident was roped off and when he tried to go down to it a state patrolman stopped him. He tied to explain that it was his son. but the officer would not listen. He tried to go to it anyway. The patrolman threw him on the ground, handcuffed him and put him in jail in Reno. He called his wife from jail (she was sick and in bad
health) to tell her that their son had been killed in  a car accident and that he was in jail. Another officer said that this guy had over reacted. When he was released he tried to get a copy of the arrest report. There was none. They had apparently wiped it off the record. 
Even so one should wait until all the facts are in before anyone is condemned. The press and people like Al Sharpton are inclined to jump the gun. 

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That's pretty much where I am on this one.  It's certainly possible that it was racially-motivated, it's also possible it was simple police brutality, or some mix of the two.  It's also possible it was simple self-defense.  Since we know very little, it's way too early (imho) to get all worked up about it.

I would like to say that the police department in Ferguson is run by a bunch of incompetents when it comes to handling something like this.  They should have immediately put the offending cop or cops on administrative leave pending an investigation, and been transparent with what they knew and when they knew it.  If that had happened instead of immediately trying to defend their guy and keep things from the media, they wouldn't be embroiled in as much of a shitstorm as they currently are.  Sure, there will always be those who jump on a bandwagon know matter what the facts, but at least they could have helped convince most reasonable people that they were taking it seriously.  Look at how they handled the guy being choked to death in New York.  No riots there.


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I'd guess they will show up in droves. Race baiting and anti-establishment sentiment are effective in mobilizing young people who are more driven by peer pressure and emotion in jumping to conclusions rather than rationally waiting for all for the facts surrounding this tragic event to emerge and coming to an informed opinion.

As for me, I'll keep an open mind that this could be 'racist cop shoots and kills black kid minding his own business', but until I'm convinced beyond a reasonable doubt I won't be rendering a verdict.

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Here's hoping our local college students make me proud  J  I've given my hubby a head's up to be aware & hopeful that some of his students walk out tomorrow morning and to not take it personally  J
I'm curious:  is anyone here planning on going to Spokane Tuesday to participate in the rally?
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Solidarity with Ferguson, Missouri 

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
A police officer in Ferguson, Missouri fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9.

This week, the Ferguson community is asking us to take to the streets.
Dear Saundra & Bill,

On August 9, Mike Brown, an unarmed 18-year old, was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. It's moments like this that draw us in, and that demand solidarity, because all lives matter and human rights are at stake.

You have taken action online. Now, the Ferguson community is asking for us to take to the streets: 
 - On Monday, August 25, Mike Brown's family is laying him to rest. Ferguson community members are asking college students to walk out of their classes at 1pm EST/10am PST and assemble in solidarity with victims and survivors of police brutality. Will you join them?
 - For the rest of the week, people around the world are rallying at U.S. federal buildings and U.S. embassies to call on the Department of Justice to create policies that respect human rights. We'll be joining, and we want you to stand with us and with the people of Ferguson in your own communities. Find a rally here! 
Since arriving in Ferguson, we have witnessed hundreds of people take to the streets daily to demand human rights. We have also seen law enforcement use tear gas in the crowd, and arrest protestors. There have been blockades on West Florissant Street for days; journalists have been cleared from the area, and we've been kept from full access to protestors at times. Throughout all of this, we've been in awe of the power and resilience of community organizers on the ground who have refused to have their fundamental human rights restricted, and have dedicated themselves to sharing Mike Brown's story and to demanding change.

Now is the time for us to join in raising concerns about race and policing, and the impact of militarization on the fundamental right to peacefully assemble. Now is the time to bring together your community to participate in the movement to bring human rights home.

In Solidarity,

Kalaya'an Mendoza, Senior Organizer
Noor Mir, Associate Field Organizer
Amnesty International USA Delegates in Ferguson, MO 

© 2014 Amnesty International USA | 5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 | 212.807.8400 

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