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24 / 7 Wall Street posted an article with more recent college cost data 
by state, and here are a couple of excerpts.

*http://tinyurl.com/p85ndz8 *


*The States with the Least Affordable Colleges*

*10. Washington*
*> Average tuition and fees:* $10,811
*> Pct. 5 year change:* 58.2% (3rd highest)
*> Pct. students in-state:* 84% (9th highest)
*> Cost of out of state:* $25,189 (14th highest)

Between the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, average published tuition 
in Washington decreased slightly. However, over a five-year period, 
tuition and fees went up by nearly 60%, one of the largest spikes in the 
country. The University of Washington increased its tuition by even more 
--- 69% --- over the same period. Located in Seattle, the school is one 
of the oldest public universities on the West Coast, and known as a 
cutting-edge research university. U.S. News & World Report rated the 
school 16th among all public universities. According to reports from 
earlier this year, rising tuition has come from massive cuts in state 
higher-education spending.


The States with the Most Affordable Colleges*

*7. Idaho*
*> Average tuition and fees:* $6,325
*> Pct. 5 year change:* 29.1% (17th highest)
*> Pct. students in-state:* 68% (10th lowest)
*> Cost of out of state:* $18,896 (15th lowest)

Although in-state tuition and fees at public, four-year universities has 
risen 3.6% from last year, and 29.1% in the last five years, Idaho 
remains one of the least expensive states in the U.S. for attending 
college. One factor that may limit costs is the state's low cost of 
living --- consumer prices in Idaho were just 93% of what they were 
nationwide in 2011. Another contributing factor may be that nearly a 
third of students attending Idaho's public universities are from out of 
state. Out of state attendees pay almost three times what in-state 
students pay to attend Idaho's universities. However, Idaho is also 
hoping to reverse years of cuts to K-12 education spending, which some 
fear could limit spending on the state's higher education system.


Considering that Washington State University is just a few miles away, 
and that there is a list of cooperative courses that University of Idaho 
students may take at WSU at University of Idaho fee rates, local 
resident students have relatively rare university education 
opportunities close at hand.


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