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Napoleon cat set to take over the world

Taunts about his lack of stature failed to stop Napoleon from cutting a swathe across Europe.

And now a moggy named after him could be about to conquer the world on some of the shortest legs in the animal kingdom.

The Napoleon breed may bear an uncanny resemblance to a draught excluder. But it has been recognised by the International Cat Association after nearly 20 years of campaigning by breeder Joe Smith.

And now that its pedigree is recognised, the compact cat is tipped to challenge lapdogs in the affections of celebrity pet-lovers such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Kai Rogers – who has brought a breeding pair to his cattery in Llanelli, West Wales – is hoping to be ahead of the trend.

‘It’s a bit comical because when you first see one, you think it’s sat down when it’s not,’ he said.

‘It’s like a meerkat, it will stand up on its hind legs for quite some time.’

The Napoleon – created by US-based Mr Smith by crossing the Persian and Munchkin breeds – is sold by only a handful of American dealers, with prices starting at $1,200 (£740) for a kitten.

Mr Rogers said ‘there’s always a chance’ that such exclusivity will make it the next must-have accessory for the girl who has everything.

But Paris Hilton and company should know that the fluffy pets can be more of a handful than your average chihuahua or shih tzu.

‘They’re just as quick and agile as other cats and they can run pretty fast,’ said Mr Rogers.
‘What they lack in height they make up for in ingenuity.’


Cutest thing on short legs: The low-slung Napoleon could become the next must-have pet 



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