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Courtesy of the Opinion section of today's (November 27, 2013) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks and appreciation to John Krebs of Potlatch.

Land exchange or legislative fiat?
For the past five years, many members of the general public, various organizations and public officials have come out in opposition to the Upper Lochsa Land Exchange. They deserve some concrete and public answers from Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell, Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch and Rep. Raul Labrador to the following questions:
What is the land exchange going to be - an administrative decision signed by the Forest Supervisor or a legislative decision? If the latter, then let's make an official closure of the exchange by selecting the "no action" alternative. (Note: the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement was never within the delegated authority of the forest supervisor.)
As a legislative exchange, will the appraisal follow that of the Federal Land Exchange Program as practiced by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service - "a dollar-for-dollar, value-for-value" transaction?
Exactly what national forest lands are being appraised for the legislative proposal? Will that appraisal of the lands be made public and be an integral part of the collaborative process prior to the legislative decision?
Will the legislative decision be made public prior to the 2014 election?
John Krebs
Interview of John Krebs (Retired U.S. Forest Service Employee with over 30 years of service) By Kathy Judson (Friends of the Palouse Ranger District)
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