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Hopefully this puts Tom's already weak conspiracy theory to rest.  Whatever convoluted dot connecting between the Winmill's megaload decision and Simpson's activities would be, in fact, mere coincidence.

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I found this 11/20 article in the Statesman. That Simpson was doing this after
 meeting with the federal judges, including Winmill, is strongly 
indicative that Winmill's megaload decision is not related to this 
legislation seeking another judge. Idaho's federal bench has long been overloaded.



Simpson revives effort to get third federal judge for Idaho

By Dan Popkey

November 20, 2013 

After hearing from  Idaho's federal judges about booming
caseloads, Republican Rep. Mike Simpson is making another attempt to add a
third U.S. district judge.

Simpson's H.R.
3457, introduced last week, revives a bill he co-sponsored in 2010 with
then-Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick. Like other attempts in years past, the
measure did not advance.

It's been 59 years since Idaho got a
second district judge. With caseloads up 30 percent in the last six years,
visiting judges from other states help bridge the gap.

Simpson says a recent meeting with
Idaho's federal judges spurred him to try again to expand their number.

In August, Chief U.S. District Judge B.
Lynn Winmill and Chief Bankruptcy Judge Terry Myers wrote Simpson and the other
three members of the Idaho congressional delegation saying the federal courts
in Idaho are "facing
a financial crisis which is unparalleled in our 150-year history."

The judges cited slowed spending and
across-the-board sequestration cuts that began March 1.

“It is far past time for Idaho to get a
third district judge and the bill I have introduced will provide the additional
judge that our state needs,” Simpson said in a news release. “I recently met
with Idaho’s federal judges and heard directly from them about the serious
impact budget cuts, sequester, and the lack of an additional judge are having
on the federal courts in Idaho. While I am fully cognizant of the budget crisis
facing our country, I share the judges’ concerns about delays in the
administration of justice and the impact that has on the Constitutional role of
the courts.” 

Read more here:
I suppose if Obama wants the XL pipeline, he could appoint someone who 
would be friendly to efforts supporting the tar sands development, and the Democratic Senate could push that appointment through; the article below claims that the Dems support the pipeline and so it appears to have bipartisan support. Hey, people need money to run for re-election. 

The State Department blessed the pipeline, and we know they are always above board.


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