[Vision2020] Palouse Continuing Education: Hindu Gods and Goddesses (four sessions beginning tonight)

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Wed Nov 13 10:00:36 PST 2013

Good Morning Visionaries:

I just got back from teaching this course for continuing education at
Western Wash. U.  The Unitarian Church is sponsoring this second

UI Continuing Education has been sadly been "discontinued," so perhaps some
of us can rebuild this education opportunity in an informal way.

There are two venues, primarily because one interested party is house bound:

Wednesdays 7:30-9:30, Nov. 13 & 20 and Dec. 4 & 11

Thursdays 2-4 PM, Nov. 14 & 21 and Dec. 5 & 12.

The four PowerPoint presentations:

(1) The Indus Civilization, the Ayrans, and the Vedic Gods

(2) Lord Shiva and His Divine Entourage.

(3) Lord Vishnu and His Ten Incarnations;

(4) the Hindu Goddess in All Her Manifestations.

The Wednesday sessions will be held at Nick Gier’s home at 509 Taylor Ave.,
Moscow.  Please call 301-1278 for directions.

The Thursday sessions will be held at J. D. Stevens' apartment, 909 Travois
Way #16, Moscow.  His number is 883-3683.

*Hindu Gods and Goddesses: An Exploration of the Hindu Religion *

*with Slides from Hindu Art*

For 30 years I taught Asian philosophy at the University of Idaho, but it
was not until my first sabbatical to India in 1992 did I discover the
richness and complexity of Indian culture and its amazing religions.  After
two sabbaticals, a research leave, and a recent 6-week temple and lecture
tour—a total of over a year in this amazing country—I now have a huge
photographic record of my adventures.

I visited the fabulous Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and other states; I
marveled at the Jain temples in Gujurat and Rajsathan—one mountain top,
after climbing up 10,000 carefully carved steps, I stood in awe of 762
marble temples standing cheek to jowl.

I visited the Buddhist cave temples at Ajunta and the 35 Hindu, Buddhist,
and Jain cave temples at Ellora 60 miles away.  In 1999 I took eight
students to Kathmandu, Nepal, which is the very best place in the world to
study both Hinduism and Buddhism.  There are at least a hundred major
temples and monasteries there.

I have gathered my best images of Hindu gods and goddesses, ranging from
world class bronze statues and bas reliefs to ordinary calendar art, which
even prosperous Hindus use for their home shrines.
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