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And I, also. But perhaps not in the manner to which you refer.  Should I agree with a biblically inspired bigot and unreliable historian, I’d check to determine where I had erred.  

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I have sometimes found the writings of Pastor Wilson to be a good guide in helping me decide how to vote.

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  Thanks, Rose, for posting the below.  Now that the election is behind us, I will comment on one – and only one -- part of the bigoted lies most of us know Dough Wilson to be famous for.

  Doug Wilson wrote:

  It is not necessary to use all three of your votes, but it is important not to use any of them in favor of Rebecca, a woman who uses exclamation marks on her yard signs, a thing which ought not to be done.

  And that, folks, is confirmation that whatever stones Wilson once had, he’s long since lost them and is now nothing more than a garden variety lily-livered liar.

  In the past, Wilson’s spittle-flecked bloviations at least would have been honest (from his perspective) if morally bankrupt.  “You must not,” he would have spewed, “vote for Rebecca Rod.  First, she’s a woman, and it’s unbiblical for women to have any authority among men.  The scourge of feminism must be stopped!  Even more importantly in this case, is that the She-Devil is a <gasp> lesbian!  I have preached many times that God has removed his protection from this nation for three reasons:  feminism, homosexuality, and abortion. To vote for this Rod woman is to vote for a candidate that will ensure that God will continue to turn His back on America, and you will be dammed to hell for all eternity should you vote for this “person”!”

  We’ll ignore, for a moment, the exclamation marks used in Wilson’s based-on-fact hypothetical diatribe  J

  No matter what one thinks of the hate & incivility Wilson & his toadies routinely spew, we could count on him to not hold back on using his Big Three as justification for attacking community members.

  Not anymore.  Now, he’s apparently come up with a new code (similar to his “Intolerista” label) in which using exclamation punctuation is The Scarlet Letter, if you will, to mark those in the LGBTQ community.  What a sad , fat, impotent little man he’s become in the sunset of his life.  I guess the unbiblical hate that he routinely preaches has finally consumed the last of his soul.  What a surprise . . . not.

  What is a genuine surprise, though, is that Moscow’s conservative base apparently hasn’t figured out that Wilson is a washed-up has been on the national scene.  He’s no longer respected outside a few truly fringe groups.  He is simply old news with no power outside, no national draw, no longer able to even successfully import converts other than those with mental health issues that make things like patriarchy attractive to the miscreants.  His message has become too offensive for respect even amongst other conservative Evangelicals . . . yet local wingnut conservatives still think he’s something other than a bigoted hate-monger.  Behind the times much?

  One last comment, although this one is directed at the GMA.  There are more than a few intelligent, articulate, successful Republican business women in Moscow, yet GMA chose to again run a white male only slate of candidates for the City election.  What on earth is wrong with the GMA and its leadership?!

  And, perhaps more importantly, what on earth is wrong with the Moscow’s Republican woman that they wouldn’t expect a seat at Moscow’s GOP table?!

  Perhaps, just perhaps, this was the wake-up call those in the community needed to understand that it’s up to us to demand that Moscow’s GOP & GMA quit trying to set this community back 50 or more years by only allowing white males at the table.

  At least, that’s my hope.

  Because, unfortunately, the GMA has shown that’s the direction it’s consistently driving in for Moscow.  Again, behind the times much?  I guess so.  


  Moscow, ID

  Well-behaved women seldom make history.

  ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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  Voting in a Wobbly Canoe
  Posted on Monday, November 4, 2013 by Douglas Wilson 

  Yesterday I exhorted the saints at Christ Church to make sure that they voted in our local election tomorrow. In the course of that exhortation I said that it was not the church’s business to descend into partisan factionalism, but that it was our responsibility to pray that we would be allowed to “lead a quiet and peaceable life” (1 Tim. 2:2). I said that we ought to be voting in the same direction as our prayers, which means that we should be voting in the direction of civil magistrates leaving us alone. That would include doing something about zoning commissions that are used as a cat’s paw for various intoleristas.

  Having said that, I was asked several times about something I said in the pulpit last year, and was also challenged online because of my recent comments about evangelical pastors who had voted for Obama the second time.

  The first link in the previous paragraph goes to a sermon outline I preached on Pulpit Freedom Sunday. In that sermon I endorsed, or came close enough to it as makes no difference, a candidate for the state legislature, a man named Gresham Bouma. How does that fit with what I said yesterday?

  I do believe that the church should stay out of partisan politics, but I believe this on theological grounds. The rule should be a church standard, and this means the IRS has absolutely no authority to be setting restrictions on what ministers may say. So the first point is that this was said as part of a nationwide challenge to the IRS. This was made possible by the candidacy of Gresham, a well-known member of our Christian community operating with a biblical worldview — a man who fears the Lord, is a man of truth, and who hates covetousness (Ex. 18:21). It was an exceptional circumstance for a specific situation.

  In the current race, we have candidates who represent the officious left, and candidates who represent views more friendly to economic growth — but no one is representing a full-orbed biblical approach to anything. To use the power of the pulpit to lean this way or that in a wobbly canoe would be inappropriate.

  In short, to say that the pulpit should never be partisan does not mean that it can never be personal. It can be personal, but that is rare.

  On the Obama question, the question is simpler and much more straightforward. He supports the killing of babies and therefore no consistent Christian may support him. That is not a partisan issue, and it only appears to be such because the Democratic Party has been captured by bloodthirsty ghouls.

  One last thing. This blog is owned and operated by me, the proprietor, and is not supported in any way with tithe money, which means that I am functioning here as a private citizen, albeit a noisy one in a party hat. That means I can say I voted for Lambert instead of Chaney, and in the council race, the voter has three votes that he can spread over four candidates. It is not necessary to use all three of your votes, but it is important not to use any of them in favor of Rebecca, a woman who uses exclamation marks on her yard signs, a thing which ought not to be done. So I voted for the three non-Rebeccas. Those who are interested in more information can check with the Greater Moscow Alliance.

  It would be nice if we could get to a place where smart growth officials would quit giving each other awards for the achievement of empty lots, which we already had, and which are not exactly the pyramids.

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