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It's a little known fact that gun manufacturers coat the grips of 
"assault rifles" with a special substance that puts the holder of the 
weapon under a compulsion to find and kill as many innocents as 
possible.  Just in case you were wondering if the dude that pulled the 
trigger shouldered any blame in this.  Completely not his fault at all.  
It's not like he would have shot the guy with an ordinary handgun.  
Obviously, fault lies solely with the gun manufacturers.


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>> The accused Los Angeles International Airport gunman approached a TSA 
>> checkpoint, pulled a ".223-caliber M&P-15 assault rifle out of his 
>> bag and filed multiple rounds at point-blank range" at a uniformed 
>> TSA officer on Friday, U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. said.
>> The suspect, Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, went up an escalator, then 
>> came back down to "shoot the wounded officer again," Birotte added. 
>> The TSA officer, Gerardo Hernandez, 39, died of his wounds.
>> Ciancia on Saturday was charged with murder of a federal officer and 
>> commission of violence in an international airport, both felonies, 
>> Birotte said.
>> Read the story here. 
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