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January 22, 2013
‘Gospel of Intolerance’ By ROGER ROSS WILLIAMS

Raised in Pennsylvania, I grew up in the black church. My father was a
religious leader in the community, and my sister is a pastor. I went to
church every Sunday and sang in the choir. But for all that the church gave
me — for all that it represented belonging, love and community — it also
shut its doors to me as a gay person. That experience left me with the
lifelong desire to explore the power of religion to transform lives or
destroy them. I became interested in Uganda, an intensely religious country
that attracts many American missionaries and much funding from United
States faith-based organizations. The American evangelical movement in
Africa does valuable work in helping the poor. But as you’ll see in this
Op-Doc video, some of their efforts and money feed a dangerous
seeks to demonize L.G.B.T. people and intensifies religious rhetoric
until it results in violence. It is important for American congregations to
hold their churches accountable for what their money does in Africa.

*This video is part of a series produced by independent filmmakers who have
received major support from the Ford Foundation and additional support from
the nonprofit Sundance Institute.*


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Roger Ross Williams is a filmmaker based in New York. His film “Music by
Prudence <http://www.musicbyprudence.com/mbp/>” won the 2010 Academy Award
for documentary short subject, making him the first African-American to win
an Oscar for directing and producing a film. This Op-Doc draws on some of
the material from “God Loves Uganda <http://www.godlovesuganda.com/>,” a
feature documentary he directed and produced that is having its premiere at
the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

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