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Bill London london at moscow.com
Wed Jan 9 13:51:28 PST 2013

Here is a message from A. Holmquist about Moscow’s new garbage can system.
It is clear that the system as designed now offers NO incentive to recycle and even worse, offers inducements for people to increase waste.  This system goes backwards.  
My thanks to Antonio for his research ..................BL

    Here is what Tim Davis, Sanitation Operations Manager the City of Moscow sent me:  
The initial recommendation to City Council for a roll cart system was included as a part of the amended Solid Waste Franchise Agreement renewal. The Solid Waste Franchise Agreement was allowed to renew without amendments and under its current terms (roll cart collection was not included). There is no proposal currently being considered (or on-line). We are currently preparing to revisit some of the amendments (including a roll cart collection system). Myself and City Supervisor, Gary Riedner, will be reporting to the City Council Public Works Finance Committee on these issues (tentatively) 1-14-2013 @ 3:00 p.m. in Council Chambers. I will also be updating the Sustainable Environment Commission on 1-15-13 regarding the Franchise Agreement and status of roll cart collection, Mayor’s Conference room @ 7:15 p.m. Either of these venues should provide some insight as to where we may go with a roll cart program.
     I have talked to him twice at City Hall.  He gave me the proposed rates for the roll out carts:  
35 gallons-$17.65 ($.50/gallon)
65 gallons-$23.15 ($.36/gallon)
95 gallons-$28.65 ($.30/gallon) 
The marginal rates:  
>From 35-65 gallons :  $.18/gallon
>From 65-95 gallons:  $.18/gallon
Thus, it is obviously a disincentive to reduce waste and lower waste producing household would subsidize more wasteful patrons!  
     Merely making all the marginal rates equal would be a vast improvement, but it still is fundamentally unfair to those households that do not put out garbage every week. 
    I directly questioned Mr. Davis on my other main concern:  Since my home is rated as a "duplex" I am currently charged twice the monthly fee, despite the fact that my tenant and I put out little garbage, perhaps 1-2 cans a month, total.  Will I be required to pay for two 35 gallon roll carts under the new system?  If so, it will cost me at least $140 per year more than I pay now.  He has evaded  that question artfully.  
    I will attend the Monday meeting.  
    Funny, as I write this the garbage truck is driving by, bypassing me for the second week in a row.  Still, I pay twice.  
    I'll leave it to you to forward if you wish, Bill.  Ciao, Antonio
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