[Vision2020] Douglas Stambler: New Guitar and Piano Recordings (2012)

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These new demo recordings are dedicated to Tom Hansen.

They can be heard at:

Douglas Stambler grew up in Connecticut.  He started playing accordion
 when he was 3 years old.  At 11, he started writing songs on a small 
keyboard.  At 16, his father showed him how to play some folk guitar.
 In the 1990s, Stambler was a song leader at Jewish summer camps in
North  Carolina, Texas, California and Wisconsin.  He became a
professional  children's entertainer while living in New York City in
the mid-1990s  before moving to Florida to work on his songwriting and
his repertoire  for kids.
 In 1999, he took a cross country trip to Seattle - playing at day
care  centers and for children along the way.  He ran out of money in
Seattle  where his car was impounded.  Exhausted and very hungry, he
contacted  his parents in Connecticut for assistance, and they flew
him back home  immediately.
 Soon he returned to New York City to start up his music career again,
 but at the age of 29 was haunted by memories of sexual abuse from his
 past.  Needing time and a whole new way of life just to deal with all
 the hurt from his past, Stambler left New York City and had a
spiritual  awakening - becoming an evangelical Christian and starting
a 2 1/2 year informal ministry to people living in poverty on the
streets across  America.
 He put his music aside at that time in order to understand what he
could  do to help others more and to better understand the reasons why
 Americans slip through the cracks and wind up living in homeless
shelters  and on the streets.  
 In 2002, he arrived in Spokane, Washington and then made his way to 
Moscow, Idaho.  He fell in love with Idaho, and decided to make the 
state his new home.  He was helped by evangelical Christians in
Moscow,  but found himself in strong disagreement with Christ Church
and its  pastor, who verbally attacked homosexuals, Mormons and others
who did  not believe as he did.  Stambler spent 18 months working as
an activist  to expose the racism and authoritarianism of Christ
Church.  Those  conversations are archived at the Moscow Vision2020
forum online.
 He reemerges here with new demos and the belief that goodness and God
 win in the end.  Your feedback on these demos  is welcome, and he
thanks you in advance for listening and hopes to  inspire others to
persevere in life and pursue their dreams.  Stambler  is always
supportive of men who have survived sexual abuse and believes  that
music is great for emotional healing.
 You can email him at thankyou2012 at jesusanswers.com for any
collaborations, new friends and old friends.
 God bless.
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