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Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 1 10:48:34 PST 2013

On 01/01/2013 03:13 AM, Joe Campbell wrote:
> I'm dogmatic because I think that a non-scientist has no place making 
> comments that are rejected by the VAST majority of scientists? Holy crap!

You are choosing to believe the authorities based not on reasoning but 
on belief in their abilities.  That sounds dogmatic to me.

> Sorry but global warming is a serious issue and it appears that you do 
> not know what you are talking about wrt it. So yes, in a public forum, 
> I will point that out every day of the week. I don't care about your 
> ego; I care about the future of our planet.

You can assume I don't know what I'm talking about, or you can look into 
my arguments and set aside, for the moment, the idea that consensus 
means anything at all in science.  When I do this, I see a science in 
its infancy that has a long way to go before we can rely upon the many 
predictions of death and disaster that have not (yet?) come true.

> You are a Christian. Do you believe what the bible says, at least in 
> some cases? On what basis? Testimony.

I am not a Christian.  The Bible to me is an interesting historical 

> That is all I'm appealing to wrt issues about global warming. 
> Non-scientists should generally defer to scientists when it comes to 
> matters of science. Some issues of science are unsettled and are 
> matters of debate. Global warming is not one of them. There is a solid 
> consensus on this issue.

I'm of the opinion that people should look into things for themselves.  
That way, they might be able to find out if the wool is being pulled 
over their eyes or if the Emperor is wearing clothes.

> I work at a university. I talk to scientists all the time. I have 
> never met a single scientist who is also a skeptic about climate 
> change. Not one. Believe me I meet and ask scientists all the time.
> Change the topic to football. Suppose you posted on the V that Mark 
> Sanchez was a better quarterback than Tom Brady. That alone would tell 
> me that you don't know jack about football and I'd have no problem 
> telling you that.
> The other thing that is so irritating about you is that your arguments 
> are ALWAYS structurally similar to general skeptical arguments. Were 
> they sound you could use them to undermine ALL knowledge claims. There 
> is nothing special about climate change, given the structure of your 
> arguments.

The models have not been very good at predicting global surface 
temperature.  That is one argument.  I can see how that can be applied 
to any field of knowledge where the models have not been good at 
predicting something, but I don't see how it undermines ALL knowledge 

> I've told you this before. I'd tell you that I'm an expert when it 
> comes to the topic of skepticism but since you don't even listen to 
> scientists about matters of science, what's the use?
> Also slippery slope arguments are classic FALLACIES, that is, they are 
> bad, invalid arguments. It is the favored fallacy of the NRA.

I just read up on this, and you are right.  That doesn't stop the 
problem that a ban on a weapon sets a precedence that can be used later 
to ban other weapons, but I can't claim that it will definitely do so 
time after time.  I just fear that the momentum from such a ban in an 
anti-gun climate could leave us effectively unarmed, which is a problem 
that the Second Amendment was designed to counter.


> On Dec 31, 2012, at 4:49 PM, Paul Rumelhart <godshatter at yahoo.com 
> <mailto:godshatter at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>> Some comments below.
>> On 12/31/2012 01:53 PM, Joe Campbell wrote:
>>> Scott,
>>> Can you give some specific examples? Or is it just enough to say 
>>> "This is happening"?
>>> Wilson says "But they would rather not talk at all, and so they 
>>> resort quite quickly to the instruments of harassment and coercion" 
>>> to which Scott responds "This is happening."
>>> Please support your claim. If "they" -- meaning progressives, 
>>> liberals, or Intoleristas -- "resort quickly to the instruments of 
>>> harassment and coercion" you must have plenty of cases to back up 
>>> your claim, enough to support the claim that "they" are doing, as 
>>> opposed to a select few. Please give those examples and make sure 
>>> you have enough of them to support this very general, over-the-top 
>>> claim.
>>> Or maybe Paul could provide evidence backing up this claim: "I would 
>>> like to point out that it's the liberals on this list (or 
>>> 'Intoleristas', if you prefer) that come across as the most dogmatic 
>>> of the two main groups on this list (Intoleristas/liberals vs. 
>>> conservatives/Christ Church members)." Come across as dogmatic to 
>>> whom? And how many liberals come across as dogmatic? Why not name 10 
>>> since there are enough, on your view to make such a general claim.
>> Are there even 10 regular posters on this list any more?  But, in 
>> answer to your questions, they come across as dogmatic to me, 
>> personally.  Tom seems to take the cake here, since he constantly 
>> posts cartoons from various outlets that (presumably) match his take 
>> on things, and often posts snide one-liners that refer back to some 
>> of his standard concerns (i.e. something that Doug did, something 
>> that Dale did, etc). If I never see that picture of Doug Wilson 
>> smoking a cigarette again with some pithy slogan attached to it, I'll 
>> have moved on to bigger and better things.  So, that's one.  You 
>> count as a second one, because of the whole argument we had about 
>> whether or not I should be posting sceptical comments about climate 
>> change without letting everyone know that I am not a credentialed 
>> climate scientist.  Ted would count as a third, because he almost 
>> always simply posts articles from what he thinks of as unbiased 
>> science-only climate change publications.  He will, occasionally, 
>> post something of his opinion on the matter, but those posts are 
>> rare.  You could probably also throw Nick in there, though his posts 
>> are very professorial and he doesn't engage in mud-slinging.
>>> Paul also writes: "It was the Intoleristas that spent a lot of time 
>>> and effort trying to convince me that boycotting businesses run by 
>>> Christ Church members wasn't somehow intolerant of another 
>>> religion." Please be sure to name the Intoleristas that "spent a lot 
>>> of time and effort trying to convince" you to boycott Christ Church 
>>> businesses? Be specific. Name enough of them to justify this slander 
>>> of a whole group of people who happen to disagree with your views.
>>> And of course "No conservative has ever told [you, Paul] that [you] 
>>> shouldn't make posts of a certain type." Why should they? You are 
>>> there mouthpiece.
>> Believe it or not, but I have almost nothing in common with your 
>> average Christ Church member, or your average staunch conservative.  
>> I am not a Christian, so you can point to that as the major 
>> difference between myself and Christ Church members that is a bar 
>> that pretty much completely separates us.  I don't fight against gay 
>> marriage, I don't care what goes on in the bedroom, I don't care much 
>> about abortion, etc. I end up taking their side, though, when I think 
>> the Intoleristas are unfairly persecuting them for their beliefs or 
>> because they just don't like them.
>> As for who it was that tried to convince me to boycott Christ Church 
>> businesses, I'd have to go through the archives and look.  I don't 
>> particularly care enough to do that at the moment, so feel free.  I 
>> remember a lot of discussion about how Christ Church was (for lack of 
>> a better term) "invading" Moscow and how any money spent at a Christ 
>> Church-owned business just gets tithed back to the church, so we 
>> shouldn't spend our money there or it would just end up in Doug's 
>> pockets.  I remember also being inundated by a list of acts that 
>> Christ Church members have pulled in the past, which I guess was 
>> supposed to show just how evil they were and how we should boycott 
>> them because of that.  My arguments about "what if they were Muslims, 
>> would we treat them the same way?" and "why harm individuals that you 
>> all seem to think are being brainwashed?" going exactly nowhere.  But 
>> it's all out there in the archives, if anyone cares enough to look 
>> for it.
>>> The two posts are ironic because I've posted a slew of questions 
>>> about gun control over the last few weeks, asking some 
>>> straightforward questions and trying to engage in thoughtful 
>>> discussion. None of the questions received any serious answers. 
>>> There were some sarcastic posts by Paul but no serious attempt to 
>>> engage in discussion.
>>> I've refuted several arguments given by conservatives on this these 
>>> issues but guess what? Conservatives keep using those bad arguments 
>>> anyway, without attempting to respond to them. I can't count the 
>>> times that Paul or Gary or others, for instance, have jumped from 
>>> "let's talk about gun control" to "let's ban all firearms."
>> As Scott mentioned, that's your classic "slippery slope" argument.  
>> If it's OK to  ban AR-15s because of this one incident, then when is 
>> it not OK to  ban pellet guns because of some other one?
>>> I'm ready to talk and I can talk without insulting anyone. Can 
>>> either of you? Is it even possible for Scott, Paul, or Gary to have 
>>> a conversation without insulting someone, or making the kinds of 
>>> unsupported general claims in these two posts? This is not an 
>>> insult, it is a challenge.
>> I can, occasionally, refrain from resorting to insults, you 
>> wart-hogged faced baboon (<-- Princess Bride reference).
>> Paul
>>> Joe
>>> On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 1:00 PM, Scott Dredge 
>>> <scooterd408 at hotmail.com <mailto:scooterd408 at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>>>     It's got some substance Dr. Gier, you just need to cut through a
>>>     lot of Doug's crap to see some of it:
>>>     <Everything goes great in this world of monochrome diversity
>>>     until someone actually disagrees with them in their town>
>>>     This happened.
>>>     <They cannot handle disagreement and debate, and so to the
>>>     extent that they have to talk at all they resort immediately to
>>>     shrill invective.>
>>>     This is still happening and you can see it in the threads about
>>>     'gun control & the NRA' and 'global warming'.
>>>     <But they would rather not talk at all, and so they resort quite
>>>     quickly to the instruments of harassment and coercion.>
>>>     This is happening.
>>>     <This is what has happened in every place in the world where
>>>     they have had their way.>
>>>     This is true.  Might makes right.  We're lucky to live in a
>>>     country where individual rights are protected against mob rule.
>>>     <These people we are up against are as intolerant as it gets.
>>>     While I grant they are not as dangerous as they used to be, they
>>>     are certainly as noisy as they used to be.>
>>>     Intolerance cuts both ways.  Atheists can be just as intolerant
>>>     and Fundy religious types.  Again, we're lucky to live in a
>>>     country where individual rights are protected against mob rule.
>>>     As for your comment that <[Doug's] is a very narrow world
>>>     indeed>, I agree with this as it's quite obvious.  Even so, Doug
>>>     and his gullible flock deserve the exact same Constitutional
>>>     rights and protections as everyone else even though they doesn't
>>>     believe in the Constitution and do not believe in an egalitarian
>>>     society.
>>>     <Happy New Year to all beings> I couldn't agree more. :)
>>>     -Scott
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>>>     Hi Tom,
>>>     Thanks for posting this.  I had not read it either before now. 
>>>     It is vintage Wilson--all rhetoric and sarcasm with little
>>>     substance. Much like his papers for my philosophy classes.
>>>     Some time ago a Kirker accused me of being a "Hindu-Lover," or
>>>     something like that.  I had to inform him that I have supported
>>>     four Indians for their studies:  one Christian who is now
>>>     practicing psychotherapy in Australia, one Hindu for his art
>>>     career, and a man and wife team (both devout Christians). My
>>>     Hindu friends may have good reason to charge that I'm a
>>>     "Christian-lover."
>>>     The husband just finished his Ph.D. at the University of Denver
>>>     on the psychology of being a Christian untouchable. (I thought
>>>     that they did not exist.) It was a brilliant analysis that
>>>     gained him a dissertation prize of $2,000.  The wife just
>>>     graduated summa cum laude from the School of Nursing and the
>>>     University of Houston.
>>>     I had a great weekend celebrating with them (Indian food at
>>>     every meal) and a wonderful church service for Telegu-speaking
>>>     Christians.  What a change when they switched from the stodgy
>>>     English hymns to the ones in Telegu.  The tamborines and tabla
>>>     came out, and I was able sing along because an IT guy projected
>>>     the phonetic equivalents on a screen.  A weekend of total
>>>     immersion in Indian culture that will never be forgotten.
>>>     Wilson praises that fact that many, but not as many as he
>>>     implies, Latin Americans have converted to Pentecostal
>>>     Christianity. (The highest percentage of them in coffee
>>>     producing countries is 20 percent in Gautemala.) As he does with
>>>     his right hand, he calls American Pentecostals less than
>>>     Christian on the left. (I can play the right and left hand game
>>>     as well as he can.)  There is absolutely no healing, speaking in
>>>     tongues, prophesying, and holy rolling at Christ Church.
>>>     The only foreign travel Doug Wilson did was on U.S. subs.  He
>>>     doesn't have a clue what multiculturalism is or what seasoned
>>>     travelers experience and learn in foreign lands.  His is a very
>>>     narrow world indeed.
>>>     Happy New Year to all beings,
>>>     Nick
>>>     A society grows great when old men plant the seeds of trees
>>>     whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
>>>     -Greek proverb
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