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The experiment will be repeated with water used from fracking and will yield the same failing grade.

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Have any of you quit using the microwave due to the so called science project where water heated in a microwave was compared to that heated on a stove. The two sources of waters were then use to water seeds. There were only one control and one watered with that heated in the microwave.  Both germinated and grow, but the one with the microwave water did not do as well and finally died. This is supposed to show that microwaves are bad and was the cause of the plant dying. 
Water is water and had nothing to do with the plant dying. It could have died for a hundred different reasons. This is as bad as homeopathic medicine and the "water has memory theory" One control and one test plant is not a valid scientific experiment. There needs to be several plants in each group to be a valid experiment. It also require that others are able to duplicate the experiment.
If I were the Science Instructor involved in this science project I would give the student and F.

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