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If I lived in a swing state I would have voted for Obama again. But since I don't, I voted for Jill Stein of the Green Party. I don't think the problem is that we need more political parties. I think what we need is more accountability from our elected officials. They are all bought off by corporations and are allowed to get away with blaming others in the opposing party for their failure to deliver responsible legislation. If anyone of us couldn't get our work done at our place of employment because we didn't get along with 50 percent of our coworkers we would be fired. So should they. 
Office seekers should only be allowed to spend money donated to them by their constituency. If a private corporation wants to express their approval or give an endorsement of a candidate or issue, let them produce their own advertising saying so. They should not be allowed to stuff the pockets of elected officials and candidates for public office with limitless amounts of cash. This might as well be bribery in my opinion. 
Donovan J. Arnold

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Well put Paul!

For the fist time in my life I still haven't decided who to vote for.  Since 2000 I have been voting Green and really appreciate that for the first time my vote actually counts for something instead of being pissed away in a red state electoral collage.  The Green party is close to the 15% required to automatically be on the ballot in all the states so I want to give them my vote for that reason. But Rocky Anderson is great! He is exactly what the country needs, so I want to vote for him. I may not decide until the ballot is in front of me....

Did anyone else listen to any of the third party debates?


On 11/3/2012 4:22 PM, Paul Rumelhart wrote:
> I would just like to remind people out there to take a look at the third party candidates that are on your particular ballot for the Presidential race.  For Idaho, it's Rocky Anderson (Independent), Virgil Goode (Constitution), Gary Johnson (Libertarian), and Jill Stein (Independent).
> If you live in a State that is a shoe-in for one of the main two candidates, for or against, consider voting third party.  In my opinion, breaking the two-party stranglehold on the political system is one of the best things we could do for this country.  It would do wonders to break the polarisation of our citizenship that is causing a lot of harm, it would mean that certain issues that both parties currently in power agree upon would have to be re-evaluated if third parties were stronger in elections (to avoid losing votes to those third-party candidates), and it would force a multidimensional look at political topics instead of trying to shoe-horn everything into one axis, liberal or conservative.
> Paul
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