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 May 29, 2012 Trump Could Help Romney Win Elusive Billionaire Asshole Vote Bid
to Woo Top .00001%

NEW YORK (*The Borowitz
*) – Businessman Donald Trump’s endorsement of former Governor Mitt Romney
could help the presumptive GOP nominee win over the support of a
constituency that has been cool to him thus far: billionaire assholes.

Reportedly, the top .00001% wealthiest Americans have regarded Mr. Romney
with suspicion to date, wondering, in the words of one billionaire, “if
he’s really one of us.”

“It’s a bit of a reach for us billionaires to vote for someone like Romney,
who just has a couple of hundred million in the bank,” said Grayson Rance,
a billionaire who has so far viewed the former Massachusetts governor
warily.  “But if a bona fide billionaire asshat like Trump is for him, that
makes you give the guy a second chance.”

Mr. Rance said that it was hard to believe that Mr. Romney, “who only owns
five or six homes, could relate to people like us and understand our
problems,” but that Mr. Trump’s thumbs-up “counts for a lot.”

Speaking on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Mr. Trump told host Wolf Blitzer his
reason for endorsing Mr. Romney: “After four years of a President who was
born overseas, its time for a President who was born here and sends his
money overseas.”

As for Mr. Romney, he experienced a rare emotional moment on Memorial Day,
placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Banker.  *Get a free
subscription to the Borowitz Report

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