[Vision2020] The newest, and by far the worst scam in town

Rosemary Huskey donaldrose at cpcinternet.com
Sun May 13 19:59:12 PDT 2012

Greetings to Christ Church and Trinity Reformed Elders: Jeremy Bunch, John
Carnahan, Bill Church, Dale Courtney, John Grauke, Matt Gray, Ed Iverson,
Fred Kohl, Mike Lawyer, Csaba Leidenfrost, Ben Merkle, Matt Meyer, Jim
Nance, John Sawyer, Wes Struble, Matt Whitling, Douglas Wilson, Gordon

Deacons: Andrew Crapuchettes, Jim Crapuchettes, Greg Ditton, Tom Garfield,
Jonathan McIntosh, Joe Myers, Rusty Olps, Marc Rust, Mark Wintz


Is there ever going to be an end to the trouble and error the elders and
deacons of Christ Church bring to the people of our community?  When I
learned about your newest scam, The Center for Biblical Counseling
<http://www.ccmbooks.org/?i=14114&mid=1000&id=376911> , my heart plummeted.
What in the name of God, and I mean that literally, leads you to believe
that you are qualified to counsel distressed people, or worse, train others
- in a three day, forty dollar course - to do so?  Your ludicrous claim to
<http://www.cbcmoscow.com/contact-us/counseling-in-a-week/> "training" (your
own and the moronic people who will pay forty dollars for it) does not stand
up under  scrutiny.  The damage you will do is incalculable.  Clearly, you
don't give two hoots in hell about the people, their families, and the
community that you will harm with your pseudo-counseling.  How do you plan
to maintain the confidentiality of your clients? It is to be hoped that they
will not in the files of Anselm House where any Tom, Doug,  Ben, or
Greyfriars student might have access to them.  Spare me from pretending a
NANC credential <http://www.nanc.org/Certification>  is convincing to anyone
but the most credulous.   Let's be honest, genuine counseling credentials
are more than exchanged emails, phone conversations, open book tests, and
videos.  Good Lord, in comparison  ITT Tech look like an ivy leage

What twisted, egocentric, lust for self-importance drives the men of the
Kirk (and their like-minded allies
<http://www.facebook.com/events/216223811815889/?ref=nf>  - click on the
"see more ." to learn who else is involved) to believe they are competent to
tackle any professional area that arouses their interest?  It's no wonder
that your befuddled wives (who are not even R.N.s) deliver babies at home in
a look-a-like child <http://www.fruitfulvinemidwife.com/services/> 's wading
pool.  I wonder, can surgery on a kitchen table be far behind? Have you
considered the distinct pattern of behavior among Kirkers - men and women -
who consistently substitute swaggering (or sashaying) hubris for actual

You have chosen a fearful path to walk.  Do you understand the damage you
can do?  Do you care? How many desperate people, lured into your office by
the claim of free counseling, will be further damaged by your ignorance and
presumption.  Why can't you appreciate the difference between praying with a
troubled person and then sending him/her with your blessing and support to a
proficient, academically credentialed, and state licensed counselor who has
received an education including subjects like  neurobiology, psychiatric
illness, personality disorders, human development, and organic brain damage?
And, in an act of true Christian charity, the Kirk can pay the bill.   How
do your counselors plan to differentiate between personality changes due to
a malignant tumor or just a run of the mill sociopathic personality disorder
(which, incidentally is not generally believed to be curable - prayerfully
or otherwise)?  Will you also be praying the gay away?  Given Doug's
penchant for mocking, hateful, homophobic language, I suspect it will be
high on the agenda.  

The entire community is aware of the Christ Church "cure" for pedophiles -
arranged marriages.  (Is that a Christ Church / Biblical Counseling example
of a treatment plan?)  Or, are you planning to beat the devil out of your
patients - a Reformed exorcism - the way you spank your sinful children?
Whoops, I forgot, spanking is funny
<http://www.credenda.org/archive/issues/16-2childer.php> .  Is Tom Garfield,
aka Mr. Spanky
and Superintendent of Logos School, the leading candidate for that chore
based on his expertise with a paddle or has a new child whacker taken over
that job at Logos? (I'm betting not.) Doug Wilson is the unblushing author
on how spanking is just what God ordered, and it should hurt
<http://www.credenda.org/archive/issues/8-4childer.php>  so maybe he will be
a switch hitter.

But of course, your free counseling isn't just charity work, is it?  Once
again the old Pyramid Scheme peeks around the corner and gives us a smirky
wink and a slimy nudge.  The old tried and true formula
"You-too-can-start-a-Classical-Christian-school  and you don't need any
silly government school degrees to do it " has morphed to "For-the-meager
sum- of-forty-dollars-and-three-days-of- training-you-can- become- a
-Christian counselor" and here's the best part, you don't need a silly,
worthless degree in Psychology to set up shop.   What is the matter with
you?  Do you need money so badly that you will peddle snake oil and pretend
it is of value?  Have you no shame - oh, wait we know the answer to that
question.  You have moved from the jackass category which is sufficiently
awful to the toxically dangerous category.  And while, I don't believe that
we have heard the last from the leaders of Christ Church and Trinity
Reformed Church, I can't imagine you could sink much lower.

Rose Huskey





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