[Vision2020] Fwd: Moscow fire chief denies drug cover-up

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Thank you Gary for taking the moral high ground:  Vilify and denigrate the
whistle blowers, ignore the seriousness of the complaint, ignore the
egregiously wrong headed initial and continuing responses of Carscalen and
Button.  You are indeed a wonderful role model for young Republicans


On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Gary Crabtree <jampot at roadrunner.com> wrote:

> **
> As I suspected, less about the pill and more about someone having their
> collective nose out of joint over their, their friends, or their friends
> paramour de'jour not getting a position that they felt sure they were more
> entitled to.
> Boring. Moving on.
> g
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> Donovan,
> The investigation at this point should be made at the personal integrities
> for the command officers. The article in the Lewiston Tribune made that
> very clear. It had a lot of double speak and finger pointing. They were
> essentially agreeing with the complainants then at the same time, blaming
> them for the result of this being brought to the attention of the public.
> If the woman in possession of the drugs had a prescription, she would have
> not been asked to take a drug test. She could have easily explained that it
> was rightfully hers...but instead she admitted and claimed it was
> oxycodone, and willingly dumped it. If she had the right to have oxycodone
> she would have fought throwing it away.
> Evidence is "tainted" because the officers in charge did not come to the
> station to address the problem. They asked the firefighters who found the
> drugs to deal with the situation. If those officers truly believed it could
> have been explosive or hazardous, then a hazmat team should have been
> activated and police and fire response would have been necessary, but
> instead those fire officers stayed at home in their own beds and did not
> address this serious problem.
> Also, I would like to know where you are getting your information
> concerning complaints against Dan Carscallen? Most people are too concerned
> for their positions in the MVFD to speak up but there are many volunteers
> who are concerned with his management style. The assault complaint was not
> bogus. He found it his duty to respond to the hospital in the short amount
> of time it took the ambulance to drive from Wal-Mart to confront a former
> MVFD member about riding in the quick response vehicle...not the ambulance.
> Ben Dill did not have any patient contact, he was merely with Shambaugh at
> the time of the call and rode in the vehicle like so many other members
> have in the past. Yet Carscallen felt it was ok to forcefully grab (not
> some light elbow touch) a former member and citizen and significant other
> of a paramedic to demonstrate his anger for proper paperwork?! The lead
> paramedic, and only paramedic on the call was Bonnie Shambaugh, who was
> operating the quick response vehicle to respond to the call. What federal
> law did Dill refuse to follow? Again, this event happened AFTER the drug
> discovery.
> Furthermore, Dan Carscallen does not have 10 years of public service. He
> has been a Basic level EMT for approx 5 years. He has been a firefighter
> for even less. Yet he has politically won the position of Ambulance 1st Lt
> and Fire Captain. He has the authority to run EMS operations when he have
> never sought higher level EMT or firefighting certications. As far as I
> know, he took the captains position without ever fighting a fire. He is
> unfit for more reasons than what has been recently apparent in the
> newspaper. He has proven he cannot think on his feet and he does not have
> the integrity to admit when he was wrong and instead forces blame on those
> who reported the problem with the expectation that he would do the right
> thing too.
> To go more into your claim about the discovery of the drugs...what makes
> you think you know what the intentions of these firefighters were and what
> they were doing at the time of the discovery? Obviously there is a lot that
> was left out of the newspapers. To my knowledge the firefighters were all
> friends, spending time in the room together on that night. A jewelery box
> was spotted in the top desk drawer of one of the firefighters and thats
> when it became a serious matter. Are you suggesting the firefighters should
> have returned the jewelry box and not report the incident? Allow the
> firefighter to potentially run calls, drive the fire engine, fight fire or
> assist with medical calls under the influence? I dont know about you, but
> most college aged young women do not ask permission to open jewelry boxes
> and what happened was not a crime. There was no snooping in personal
> belonging or searching while the other firefighter was asleep. That is an
> assumption on your part. These girls were all friends, hanging out and
> despite that relationship knew they had the duty to report the drugs.
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