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It is most unfortunate that the City Council showed little appetite for compromise so everyone could get what they wanted. I don't see why they needed to completely ban all dogs from every Saturday market all day. I think it would have been nice for both those that like to see the dogs and those that didn't want to deal with them have their days. Let's hope the City will not ban children and babies too as their arguments for banning the dogs could be reasoned on the same concerns they voiced.
Donovan Arnold

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And so begins the degeneration of Moscow's Farmers Maket.  

One of the main reasons I pack a camera for Farmers Market Saturday is its canine contingent.

Courtesy of today's (March 6, 2012) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

No dogs allowed at Moscow farmers market

Moscow councilors voted Monday to ban dogs from the farmers market, putting down a counterproposal to regulate their activity at the event.

Market manager Kathleen Burns said the issue had been vetted by both the farmers market advisory board and Moscow Art Commission without a consensus. The best plan, she said, was to leave it in the hands of the City Council.

Councilor Tim Brown said he was concerned about having animals in close quarters with people where there are a lot of distractions.

"There's lots of stimuli for animals and there's lots of egos for the dogs that have been brought to the Moscow Farmers Market," he said. "I want the city to provide a safe environment, and I'm concerned that animals brought to the market by people who aren't good trainers, good dog owners take that expectation of a safe marketplace away. I'm hesitant to continue to allow dogs at the farmers market."

Mayor Nancy Chaney said dogs and their owners are part of the reason she goes to the Saturday event, adding it allows canines to gain social skills.

"Just like with a young child, if you don't have that exposure, you don't learn the rules," she said.

But the market was formed 35 years ago to bring together farmers and customers, said Council President Dan Carscallen, not for pet socialization.

"There's really only one place for you to buy directly from the growers, and that's the Moscow Farmers Market," he said, adding he wouldn't bring his own dog there. "There's just too much going on for him to handle. Maybe I'm not as good a dog trainer as some of the people out there in the audience. It's the Moscow Farmers Market, it's not the Moscow Dog Socialization Area."

One service dog owner suggested one type of specialized dog collar while a dog trainer from Viola said they are not always effective for all dogs.

Councilor Tom Lamar suggested regulating the market instead with rules to prevent unruly dogs from entering.

"In 2012, we should take not a step of banning dogs from the market," he said, "we should take one of recommending people don't bring dogs to the market unless they do these things."

Lamar was the only councilor to vote against the ban, which will be added to the market's 2012 policies.
Perhaps the Independence Day Mut Strut should also be terminated.  

Wouldn't want them egomaniacal canines strutting around children and other potential victims . . . now would we, Mr. Brown?


Seeya later, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Post Falls, Idaho

"If not us, who?
If not now, when?"

- Unknown

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