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This is totally misguided, Paul. Maybe you're right that there is a
difference between the two. That doesn't make the truck driver's excuse
that he's "just doing my job" any more valid. It is still a A BAD excuse on
his part; the analogy shows that. Doesn't work for the Nazi guard, doesn't
work for the truck driver. It is a bad excuse. Sorry. Joe

On Apr 27, 2012, at 1:15 PM, Paul Rumelhart <godshatter at yahoo.com> wrote:

The difference between the Auschwitz guard and the megaload truck driver is
the simple fact that the guard personally does illegal and immoral things
and the truck driver is just driving a truck.  Every time the guard beats a
prisoner for not working fast enough or shoots one trying to escape, they
have just committed an act that they know is wrong and are justifying it
however they want to to sleep better at night.  The truck driver is just
putting on his blinker, down-shifting, and turning left.  That's why I
think these protests are misguided.  Find the guy that *is* responsible for
running the fracking operation and complain to him or her.


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Mr. Arnold -

Basic Logic 101

"it was just my job" = "I was just following orders"

The quote on the left was the repeated response, given by management (as
well as drivers), to the question "Why?" repeatedly during the past year or
so, as the megaloads marauded their way up US95.

The quote on the right was the repeated response to the question "Why?"
repeatedly during the Nurnberg trials, by those defendants charged with
crimes against humanity.

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"If not us, who?
If not now, when?"

- Unknown

On Apr 27, 2012, at 8:44, Joe Campbell <philosopher.joe at gmail.com> wrote:

"it was just my job"

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